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Welcome to Springfrog's Online Games.  We feature a fabulous selection of games which we hope you'll enjoy.

Sudden Birds toppling physics and gravity game An eccentric farmer has the unusual habit of climbing to the top of rickety constructions that he builds from crates and wooden beams. Use toppling physics and gravity to help him down in the unique game of Sudden Birds . Beware of dangerous bombs that are left lying around and painful cactuses too.

Apocalypse Cow - build walls and defend your castle against cows Strategically build walls and get your cannons ready to defend your castle and surrounding lands against an invasion from enemy talls ships in Apocalypse Cow. The enemy will stop at nothing and will hurl cows to occupy your lands as well as cannonfire to try to defeat you. Beware of letting the ships draw up to land, otherwise their troops will be able to set down and advance upon your defences too.

Give your brain a fun workout with the grid logic puzzle of 0h n0. At the beginning of the game you're presented with a few colored dots to start you off. The numbers indicate how many blue dots can be seen in any direction horizontally or vertically. Blue dots can only see until a red dot blocks their way, and all blue dots must be neighbored by at least one other blue dot. Can you use your powers of logic and deduction to work out whether a red or blue dot goes in each spot to fill the grid?

Indiara and the Skull Gold running adventure game Indiara is a daring adventurer who is on a quest to collect 8 golden skulls from dangerous caves. Help her escape the giant boulders whilst running and jumping over crates strewn in the caves and avoid falling through deadly chasms. Collect valuable gems on the way too in this multi level game of Indiara and the Skull Gold.

Play Chinese Chess online Enjoy the ancient game of Chinese Chess against the computer. Springfrog's version uses Western pieces, which are easier to distinguish for Western eyes, whilst still staying true to the traditional rules. You can also discover how to play this intriguing game if you're new to it. Can you beat the computer?

On a routine journey from a peaceful colony planet, your starship is confronted by an alien fleet intent on wiping out the colony. Stop the alien armada from advancing in the space shooter game of Starship Springfrog. Collect power units that the alien craft and their torpedoes leave behind to enhance your Starship Springfrog's ablities. Can you defeat all 13 waves of the alien fleet's attack?

It's taken the world by storm and now you can enjoy playing online sudoku puzzles for free here at Springfrog. With three levels of difficulty and an unlimited number of different puzzles, you can come back to give your brain a work-out at any time of day or night. If you've never tried it, we have instructions on how to play too. Give it go and find out why it's so addictive.

It's that time of year in the garden when the butterflies have arrived and they're deadly killers to our garden cricket. He needs your assistance in safely guiding him to his food, avoiding these flying predators. Help him in his fearless quest in Amiragame.

It's the 23rd Century and rising sea levels have forced human populations to live on abandoned oil platforms. A rogue organisation named Bane has taken over the platforms, leaving only Air Fox as the last hope against Bane's wanton death, destruction and violence. Defeat the Bane-controlled oil platforms in the scrolling Fighter Pilot game of Air Fox.

Discover beauty and enlightenment on your journey through 20 levels of the fun Match 3 game of Seven Senses. Swap adjacent tiles to remove horizontal or vertical groups of 3 or more of the same design. Create exiting chain-reactions and remove bonus tiles to get extra points.

Get creative with our online jigsaw puzzles.  Enjoy the same fun and sense of achievement as the old style of cardboard jigsaws without the problems of lost or bent pieces. We've got a wide range of different puzzles to choose from, including animals, space jigsaws, scenic views and more.

Prevent UFOs and alien motherships from taking over mankind's last tropical refuge in Island Defender. Aim your cannons, grenades and extra weaponry, plus collect power-ups. Survive long enough and a friendly helicopter will come to help you in your task too.

With its combination of strategy and planning, Mahjong Solitaire is uniquely both an exciting and a relaxing game at the same time. Springfrog's great version of this game includes multiple combinations of different board maps and tile styles. If you're new to Mah Jong you can pick up the rules and strategy in just a few moments. Discover some of the interesting history of this game too.

Get your bow and arrows ready - there's a fun tournament happening in the online archery game of Balloon Hunter. You'll need to take into consideration changes in direction and speed of the wind and your overall arrow trajectory in order to successfully hit your targets. Can you pop those baloons or will your arrows sail away into the air, never to be seen again?

0h h1 Online Logic Puzzle Game Challenge your mind in the Online Logic Puzzle Game of 0h h1. Starting with just a few tiles, complete a grid of blue and red tiles so that each horizontal and vertical line contain an equal number of red and blue tiles, no more than 2 same-colored tiles are together and no lines are the same. Choose between 4 difficulty levels for a truly fun brain workout.

An intrepid explorer has found himself trapped in a labyrinthine castle known as Rakoth Dungeons. On the outer walls, a network of bewitched platforms and gates are his only hope to get back home, but the gates will only allow him to enter if he has jumped on the plaforms in such a correct order as to make all of the plaforms retreat into the walls. Help our explorer jump, leap and use his lasso to swing among the platforms in Pazzo Francesco: Escape from Rakoth Dungeons.

Challenge your computer to a game of online air hockey. Your aim in this fast paced game is to knock a puck, which is floating on a cushion of air, into the computer's goal. With the low resistance caused by the air cushion, you'll need quick reactions to be the first to reach 9 goals..

An alien explorer has transported to the top of ancient structures on a nearby planet. Remove blocks and beams to help him drop down, with realistic gravity physics, to collect mysterious orbs in the game of Marty on the Alien Planet. Watch out though - some of the blocks are explosive and will blow some of the structures away, or even Marty himself.

Online pinball game Get your flipper fingers ready for a fun game of online Pinball. Choose from 3 different exciting tables. Go classic with our traditional arcade style of table, enter the computer age with a combination of pinball and breakout, or select a soccer style where you're up against the goalkeeper with a football instead of the usual metal ball.

Whilst journeying through space on a trading expedition, a highly independant alien race known as the Boxters was confronted by a Borg Cube. Their story is one of legend to their people. Help the Boxters against the Borg collective in Boxteroid, inspired by the classic sci-fi series, Star Trek and the arcade game of Asteroids.

Slide and collide tiles of the same number to merge them into new tiles of the sum of their values. Each time you move a new tile will appear. You've only got a 4x4 grid to fit in. Can you reach the target of 2048 before the grid fills up? Have a go at the addictive puzzle game of 2048.

Become an online bridge builder in the game of Bridges. This is a deceptively simple game, yet surprisingly difficult to master. The aim is to build a continuous set of bridges which span from one side of the board to another. Your bridges can be as winding as you like, but they must join both sides of the board. The problem is, the computer is playing against you, and is trying to build its own set of bridges from from the top of the board to the bottom.  It sounds easy, but you'll find that winning definitely isn't so simple.

Enjoy a fun game of Blackjack. Play this classic card game of 21 against a computer dealer. With smooth flash graphics and great sound effect it's a great way to and test your card playing skills!

Remove groups of 2 or more adjacent matching hieroglyphic blocks from an ancient Egyptian wall in The Stones of the Pharaoh. Use strategy to let remaining blocks drop and slide so that they meet up with other symbols of their kind, otherwise if you have to remove a single lone block you'll be struck by the curse of Tutankhamun, causing you to lose a life. Each time you successfully complete a level a new hieroglyphic symbol will be added, making the game progressively more of a challenge.

Humans have been causing problems for wild birds, so a flock of finches have decided to get their revenge. Help the birds by catapulting them to attack their human antagonists who are positioned in precarious structures in Angry Finches. This fun game has 20 intriguing levels and four different types of finch each with their own special powers.

As a vet in a local vetinarian surgery, you find that some very sick animals are coming through your doors. Save their lives by destroying infected cells in Cell-Out.

Play Checkers online against your computer.  This classic board game never loses it's popularity as it is so simple to learn but can take a lifetime to master.  Use your strategy and skill to try to win.

You've won the big lottery draw and have withdrawn your winnings from the bank, but as you tootle happily down the highway, the money accidentaly falls out of your car. To get all that cash back you need to drive back up the motorway in the opposite direction to the approaching traffic. Avoid oil slicks and the oncoming vehicles whilst trying to regain your lost money in Crazy Cars.

It's you against the computer in a 3 dimensional playing court. Spin the ball into a curve, bounce it off the walls and advance through the levels in 3D Curveball. Inspired by the classic game of pong, this is so completely different and modern that it's a whole world apart and highly addictive.

Test your brain and chess skills with the Knight's Tour Chess Puzzle. Try to take your knight on a trip around every single square of a chessboard without visiting any square more than once. Choose any size of board from 4x4 upwards in this fiendishly tricky puzzle.

An enormous gorilla has captured Mario's girlfriend and carried her high up on a building site. The creature is big, dangerous and armed with an unlimited supply of barrels which will squish Mario to a pulp if he's not careful. Help Mario traverse the platforms whilst avoiding the rolling barrels in the arcade game classic of Donkey Kong.

Use an allied mech droid to clear post-apocalyptic city streets and alleyways of enemy robots who have turned on their human creators in the top-down shooter game of Chronicles. Gather extra missiles and health packs that defeated robots drop, and use your booster weapon in tight spots. Can you retake the once-great city?

You may have played it on paper, but now, in the fast-paced internet world, you can take time out to play Dots once more - this time playing play against your computer, which is quite a worthy opponent.  The aim is to create squares of your own, by making boxes of four dots.  Playing the game is quite easy, but to win is a definitely a challenge for which you'll need skill and strategy to think ahead and beat the computer.

Test your mind with the unique game of Tronix. In this fascinating 20 level game your challenge is to rearrange a graph of lines so that no lines except the vertices cross each other, and none of the vertices are on top of any of the other lines.

Young or old, the strategy game of Ship Battle is an eternal favorite. Enjoy a fun online version of this classic game and battle against your PC in a bid to sink your computer's fleet before the computer finds your own ships.

In the game of Chess, the queen is the most powerful piece on the board. Did you know that, with a large sphere of influence, the number of queens that you can place on a single chessboad before they start attacking each other is actually 8? Positoning them correctly so that they all peacefully inhabit the board is a tricky task to challenge your mind. Can you arrange this maximum number of Royal ladies on a chessboard so that none of them attacks any other in the chess puzzle game of Eight Queens?

Based on a wooden peg and board puzzle designed by an old English sailor over a hundred years ago, the game of English 16 may appear easy but don't be decieved. On two 3x3 boards, joined at one corner, your aim is to reverse the positions of the 2 sets of 8 silver and gold pegs in the least possible number of moves that you can manage, by moving or jumping in the direction of the board's squares only. Can you find the way to the minimum 46 move solution?

Set billiard balls on a journey around a 9x9 grid to create same-colored lines of 5 or more in Billi Li Color Lines. Each turn you can only move one ball from its starting location to a particular destination if there is a clear path of travel between the two points. At the end of each turn three more balls will be added to the table at random locations making your task progressively harder. You'll need to use forward planning and strategy to score as high as you can before the grid fills up.

You're out for a nice pleasant drive and suddenly the crazies show up in their cars, trying to bash into and destroy you. Evade these car-driving maniacs in whatever manner is necessary the fun game of Escape.

Pirates have taken over the mountainside and have built rickety structures, upon which they cavort about all day, destroying the peace and tranquility. Help mountain villagers get rid of them using a specially made cannon. Get the trajectory and power right to knock down their constructions and the pirates along with them in Pirate Blast.

Blue Deadly Bouncing Balls are boinging around you, and each time you successfully reach your target blob, another blue ball will arrive. How many points can you score before the Deadly Bouncing Balls get you in Eskiv?

Unscramble three of Springfrog's animal friends in the picture puzzle game of Flip Switch. This one can be very tricky to solve. The difficulty comes in the fact that clicking on a tile will not only toggle that particular part of the image forward by one, but all of the tiles in the same row and column will also advance too.

In the depths of the jungle, Professor Papillon has had his butterflies stolen by a band of cheeky monkeys. To add insult to injury, they even start to throw objects at him. Catch the fruits that the monkeys throw and help the Professor get his butterflies back by turning the tables on the monkeys and throwing the fruit back in the multiple level game of Floyd Catcher. Watch out though, the monkeys carry some very heavy ojects too which can knock the professor out.

Match the pairs of Springfrog's froggy friends in Frog Concentration Memory Match. You'll need to use your recall skills to the full to match all the frogs in the least number of pair selections.

The ancient strategy game of Gomoku is one step beyond a popular game.  Originating in China prior to 270BC, and now in the computer age, Gomoku requires your to connect 5 stones in a row.   Sounds easy?  Your computer is your relentless opponent so be careful with every move you make - it could be your last!

In Gauntlet, you're a wizard travelling through dangerous lands. Battle with spooky ghosts and the skulls which create them, but be careful that you don't exhaust your energy levels. Useful objects which scatter the lands will help you on your journey, and treasure that you pick up will gain you extra points.

Become an underground gem miner by swapping positions of jewels in The Gem Game. "Economies of scale", mean that you need to extract at least 3 of the same types of gem at a time. Score extra points by mining more than 3 gems at a time or by creating chain reactions. With multiple levels, The Gem Game enables you to enjoy a variety of different challenges.

You may have enjoyed playing Noughts and Crosses on paper but have you ever played in 3 dimensions? 3D Tic Tac Toe will enable you to do exactly that. Play against the computer to be the first to connect 4 balls in a row on a 4x4x4 playing area.

Choose to jump or self-replicate in your quest to transform adjacent enemy pieces to your own in the games of Hexxagon. It's a battle between red rubies and blue-white puddles of water in a hexagonal board of 58 smaller hexagon positions. This addictive game of strategy and forethought can be played against the computer or versus another human player at your PC. Will the shiny rubies or the crystal clear water puddles win the day?

If you've ever wanted to be a train triver, your chance has finally come in Image Chain. Based upon the popular Snake Game but with quite a larger playing area than usual, your task is to collect tasty apples which will build up your line of train carriages. Make sure you don't bump into the wall or your trail of carriages behind you or there'll be an almighty crash.

Play 3D chess online against the computer. Choose the computer's skill level and whether you'll be black or white. Zoom and rotate the 3D version of the chessboard, or just use the 2D option if you prefer, or even have the 2D and 3D versions side by side. You can save your games in PGN format and even import games too.

There's a cat on the baseball field and he's not looking for mice. This little kitty is actually the star of the pitch. With a swish of your tail can you beat the pitcher and hit the ball to score in the online baseball game of Japanese Catball?

Javanoid is a breakout game with a twist.  There are 12 different levels to contend with, each with a different layout, plus special features allow you to collect falling pills which give you extra powers to help you knock down those bricks.

You've been mysteriously transported into a strange parallel universe where everything is in reverse. Can you use your mouse precision skills in back-to-front style to negotiate your way through an arena of dangerous holes? They are placed in random positions each time you play, giving you a different maze everytime in the game of Labyrinth.

At the end of the 21st Century, evil genetically modified killer chickens are trying to take over the world. They have captured hostages in an attempt to cajole mankind into accepting their outrageous demands. Manoeuvre your way to the hostages without being spotted by the chickens, then kick them to freedom in a sturdy cardboard box in Mary-Jean the Human Package Rescuer.

Help a little blue dot find its way out of a huge labyrinth in a fun Maze Puzzle. The maze is large enough to be quite a considerable challenge indeed. Can you find the correct route from the intricate mesh of twists and turns?

The city is becoming a dangerous place for skateboarding. With open manholes and some very dodgy blue bubbles emanating from the depths of the sewage system below, it could be argued that no-one in their right mind would go skating. Ollie is a fealess chap though, and he's not about to let the Council's bad drainage system spoil things. Enjoy the fun of skating through the city with Ollie, and help him to jump the open manholes and avoid those dangerous blue bubbles in Ollie Skates.

Play a new 3D version of the arcade classic in 3D Asteroids. You'll need even more skill than before as the enemies fly around the screen from all angles in 3-dimensional space. As well as the asteroids, look out for additional dangers too. A radar and ships-eye view will help you to establish exactly where you are in relation to the approaching hazards.

Use quick thinking and strategy to control your colored worm in MoonStar 2 and destroy colored blocks by creating vertical, horizontal or diagonal rows of 3 or more of the same color.  This fast paced game of skill has 3 different modes of challenge with multiple levels

3D Carpet Golf is a fun and realistic online version of crazy golf, also known as carpet golf. Contend with windmills, drop-holes, water obstacles, ramps and more. There are 3 practice courses and 3 tournament courses, each with 18 fun holes!

Rotate bejewelled bones into position in Mumu. The more bones you lay down the higher you score. Create groups of 3 or more jewels of the same color and they'll be removed, allowing you more space to lay your bones down and thus enabling you to increase your score.

Bring tasty ice cream cones safely back to your police box in No Hats, a fun multiple level platform game inspired by the classic game of Donkey Kong and the sci fi series, Doctor Who.

Complete with sound effects and smooth, beautiful graphics, our flash version of Reversi is challenging fun for both complete beginners or experienced players. It is based on the traditional 8x8 board layout, and if you're new to the game, we've included the rules of Reversi too.  It's one of those great games which only takes a few moments to learn and you can enjoy for life whilst trying to master.  The computer player is very smart, so you'll need to use forward planning and strategy if you hope to win.

War has broken out on distant islands. 80 paratroopers are needed to quell the fighting, but with the battles happening it's too dangerous to land on the islands themselves as the parachuters would be shot down before they reach ground. Catch the falling paratroopers in your row-boat before they fall into the shark infested waters in Parachute Panic. Created in a retro style it'll bring back happy memories of the classic handheld games of the 80's.

Help one of our favourite anarctic creatures manoeuvre icy blocks into place in Penguin Push. It's not as easy as it sounds - your penguin can only shove the blocks forward, and because of their hefty size, only one can be moved at a time. Enjoy extra challenges as the levels progress including slippery ice which will leave you skidding along.

As owner of a candy shop, you find that all your customers are quite picky and only prefer their own particular favourite candies. The trouble is, all your yummy sweets from your supplier arrive mixed. Your Candy Separation Machine will come to the rescue though. Separate falling candy trios by landing them so that groups of 3 of the same colour are formed in the game of Candy Drops. Your shop's profits depend on you!

You've been taken prisoner by a rogue organisation. Evade guards and avoid bombs whilst trying to make your way to the exits. And don't forget to collect as much money as you can from your captors in the multiple level game of Prison Escape.

Experience the thrils of the Formula One championship in the exciting game of Race Day. Beat the opposition in your high powered racing car by using your skills in driving, speed and gear control. As in real motor racing, you need to be careful with passing and steering at these high speeds. Will you be the driver to hold the champagne on the winner's podium?

Not all snakes are fearsome. We've got a lovely friendly one here who'se only intention is to seek out and enjoy his yummy food. In Radial Snake, we've got a new twist to the classic slithery computer fun. Unlike the traditional snake game, where your creature can only go in four directions (up, down, left or right) at 90 degrees to each other, Radial snake is a much more flexible fellow who can travel at any angle. See if you can get him to veer off in the right direction to get his tasty nibbles.

Real Invaders is a 21st century version of the classic arcade game, Space Invaders.  Defend the earth by shooting the invading aliens out of the sky.  Gain extra points by successfully destroying the UFOs which appear in this multiple level game. If you survive long enough, you may even make it as a leader on the top 20 high score board!

Rocks is a novel, addictive and fun online strategy game with multiple choices for difficulty and other settings. Your aim is to get as many rocks as possible through the two-way gates and down to the bottom. It looks easy but your computer opponent is very smart and takes some beating!

Donkeys are usually harmless, placid creatures but an evil scientist called Doctor Badmule has bred a genetically modified army of these normally-peaceful animals. Hordes of these killer donkeys are mobilizing in different areas around the world, ready to put into place Dr Badmule's nefarious plan to attack humanity and take over the world. Your special force of helicopters, armed with its capability of various air to ground missiles has been sent on a mission to stop is evil doctor and his unnatural creations in Donkey Rocket. It's the genetically altered donkeys or humankind.

Become the Keeper of the Runes in the game of Runic. The Fire of the Magi is burning bright. You are given differently colored and shaped runestones one at a time, and your task is to carefully position them so that any stone you place on the playing board is neighboring a runestone of either the same shape or colour. Your runestones will energise the space below them - can you energise the whole board before the fire consumes everything?

The Same Game is an addictive and fun online game which seems simple to learn, but takes thought and strategy to master.  Your aim is to clear the playing area by removing adjacent balls of the same color.  The more balls you are able to remove in a single move, the higher the points you will score in that particular move.  Try to plan ahead, because if you end up with balls on the board, but none of the same color together the game will be brought to an early end by the computer.

Serpent takes the classic snake game and turns it into a mutiple level challenge with twists and turns like no other snake game you've played. This souped-up version of the eternal classic includes bonus food and extra points, and portals to further levels. With numerous different layouts as you proceed through the levels the fun will certainly keep slithering along.

A magnificent black horse has fallen in love, and his mind is so set on a nearby filly that he has got himself in all of a muddle. He needs your help desperately. Can you help him get himself back together in one piece again in the sliding tile game of Slide Puzzle?

Siji Solitaire is an addictive 45 level marble solitaire game. It's based upon the classic peg solitaire - the difference is that there numerous challengingly different shaped playing areas, so once you think you've mastered one level, there are 44 more for you to contend with!

A wandering snake has found his was onto a rotating 3D cube. Luckily, his favourite food, tasty cherries, grows on the cube, so if you guide him correctly he can chomp away on the yummy fruit. Each time he tucks-in to one of the cherries he'll grow a little. Watch out that you don't guide him ito his own extending body though, as if you do he'll take a bite out of himself. How many cherries can you successfully guide your snake to in this great 3D snake game?

Create your own musical guitar riff with Star Jam.  Bounce a moving ball off different shaped blocks to create your musical riff in this unique and addictive online game. If your music is good enough you'll score bonus points and move up to the next level, but be careful not to break your guitar string!

In Tail Gunner enemy ships are approaching from your rear.  If they pass you they can fire with their rear cannons so you'll need to shoot them down fast before they catch up with your ship.  Too many hits and your shields will be reduced to nothing - along with your ship!

With the stars shining brightly in the clear sky above, it's a perfect night to enjoy a drive throught the local mountains. In the car driving game of 3D driver, you are behind the wheel as you zoom along the mountain roads, where no-one has thought of imposing any speed limits. With other cars and vehicles coming and going on both sides of the road, you'll need to use all your skills to weave your way through the twisting roadways, past the checkpoints, to your final destination.

An old story tells of how Hindu priests in the Temple of Bernares have been moving a sacred Tower of 64 discs, one disc at a time between three spots, with the intention of moving the whole tower from one of the outside spots to the opposite outside spot in such a way to ensure that no disc ever sits upon a disc that is smaller than itself. The 64 discs would take the monks billions of years, so we present a slightly smaller version here with multiple levels of difficulty in the Towers of Hanoi.

In the multi-level game of Torpedo Alley, you are the captain of a submarine defending your local waters. Enemy Supply ships have taken over your valuable shipping lanes, and are using them to transport arms and military equipment across. Your set of missions, codenamed Torpedo Alley, is to destroy the Supply ships. At first, the enemy are unaware of your presence. However, as levels progress, the enemy become very aware that you are somewhere in the waters below them, and will take progressively more determined efforts to annihilate you. As an extra touch, the game features a specially trained dolphin (treated with care and respect throughout his training) who will transport packages containing additional fuel and torpedo supplies to your submarine!

A worm and a mole have teamed up together to help each other in Trouble Underground.  They must move obstacles to make their way to the exit which will lead them to the next level.  In this multiple level strategy game, the worm can only move the small rocks and the mole can only move the large boulders.  Together they can escape, but can you find the right combination of moves to get them to the exit?

Alien visitors have finally arrived on Earth but their intent is not at all friendly. They have destroyed most of the world's cities and now as commander of one of the planets last defensive outposts, humankind's survival depends on you. Try to shoot the invaders' flying saucers out of the sky in this fun UFO game, but be warned - those aliens are clever and they'll use the cloud cover to evade your missiles.

Tiles are coming down from the top, and up from the bottom too. Can you remove matching colored ones before there's an almightly clash? Extra colors are added and the challenge gets greater as you reach higher levels. Stop the impending tile collapse in Under Pressure.

Wordhunt is a fun word search game with some extra special differences. In wordhunt, each time you play the words are in different areas of the puzzle board!  Plus, you're playing against time, so if you don't find the words quickly enough, the computer wins.  Hidden within an apparent jumble of chaos, you'll find the names of a whole load of Springfrog's animal friends.  You win the game by finding all the animals within the time limit.

It may seem that humanity is doing a pretty good job of polluting the planet, but that's noting compared to what happened when the Alien invaders arrived. Taking humans as slaves, their mining operations created stifling clouds of chemicals and pollutants around the world. Humankind has been fighting back with a force of the best fighter pilots and now it's time for the final battle. Can your last 3 planes destroy the Alien invaders' remaining 80 space ships in the scrolling shooter game of V Force?

A warehouse has become flooded and the water has caused a short circuit. Standing on stacks of boxes you must topple them over and try to make it to the exit without stepping on the floor. This is one to certainly puzzle your brain. Escape the room and progress to the next level in Warehouse.

Older Java Games

These are older games which which were produced before Java's insistence that Java applets must be "signed" in order to run in viewer's browsers. You may therefore need to alter your Java settings to play these games by adding http://www.springfrog.com to your Java exception site list. You can click this link to open a new window to the official Java site to find out how to add a website to the exception site list.

Test your jeep driving skills over rough off-road tracks in the 3D driving game of 4 Wheelin. The rugged tracks are punctuated by bumps and uneven trails, and your jeep realisticilally bounces and jumps ans you make your way anlong the rugged route. Choose from a variety of different tracks, each with their own particular peculiarities and designed to keep you wondering what's the next corner will bring.

Put your mind and intellect to the test with the game of Vexed. In this kind-of 4-sided domino game, you need to arrange a jumble of four-sided pieces in a larger enclosed grid so that all numbers on any sides which are touching are identical. With four levels of difficulty and a different combination of tiles each time you play, Vexed will give you a new challenge every time.

Guide your space ship safely through the dangers of the asteroid belt in the game of Absolute Space.  Each time you fire your lasers you will temporarily lose a little energy - collide with too many asteroids and your ship's shields will run out of power, leaving you defenseless in the result of a further asteroid collision!

How fast can you re-create an attractive scenic view in the game of Drag Puzzle? This enjoyable picture puzzle game is more of a challenge than you may think. It's up to you to reorganize the havoc that the computer has made of the scenic view in the least number of moves possible and in as short a time as you can.  It's tricky, but very satisfying to eventually be able to piece everything together to see the picture back in its original perfect form.

It's the day for setting a mixture of wild animals free, and they're being carefully dropped by parachute onto the wild plains. Can you guide them as they drop so that they land together? Create vertical or horizontal groups of three or more of the same type of animal in Dropsmart and they'll happily disappear off into the wilderness, but if they land amongst animals of different kinds, and can't form lines of three, they'll stay where they are and may build up until your animal drop-operation will have to end.

Click to reverse the colour of a counter and 4 others surrounding it in Fiver. That bit's fine, but try to reverse all the counters on the playing board from black to white and you'll find that this puzzle is a true test of your mental abilities. There are 6 different levels, going from a 3x3 board to a positively challenging 8x8 board. How many of the levels will you find a solution to, and can you do any in the minimum number of moves possible?

A group of Antarctic penguins have built their igloo at the bottom of a chasm. There's one problem though - a compressor, with solid frozen bubbles hanging from it, is gradually making its way down toward the penguins and their home. Save the penguins and their igloos from getting squished by launching matching colored bubbles to form groups of 3 or more in Frozen Bubble Shooter.

Escape the killer birds in the game of Bird Brain.  You are in control of a red bird who needs to use his superior intelligence and weapons to escape and destroy the flock of attacking blue birds.  Although there may be more blue birds than your solitary red bird, the blue birds aren't so smart. As you move up the levels the flocks of blue killer birds become larger, making life progressively more difficult.  Can you survive the attacking flocks?

With 40 different levels to challenge your mind, the object of Eliminator is to eliminate all of the balls within a set number of moves.  Pull all objects in one direction using an invisible magnet.  Each ball is a mini bomb, which will only explode when it is horizontally or vertically adjacent to another ball of the same color.  There are also non-ball objects which act as an obstacle when bringing the balls together.  You'll need to use strategy and forward planning to eliminate the balls and advance to the next level.


Have fun and check back soon for more great online games!