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Japanese Catball

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Hello, it's a kitty on the field playing baseball! I never realised it, but that really is what Japanese cats get up to when they're out of the house on those long warm summer days whilst their owners are unknowingly enjoying a pizza or a barbecue in their garden.

Take a paws from everyday life to enjoy this cute game of Japanese Catball, where you are the cat at the bat. To start, choose from Beginner, Amateur or Professional levels - the higher the level, the better the pitcher is and the faster he'll throw the balls (after each pitch you can see the speed of the ball at the bottom right hand side of the game).

The better and further you hit the ball, the more points you'll score, provided that it lands within the lines of the baseball court. If you hit the ball outside the area, it's not a great cat-astrophe, but you won't be awarded any score for that particular shot. One exception to having to land the ball within the court is when you succeed in whacking the ball so well that it flies right out of the entire stadium, which will give you a tiger-sized bonus.

There's one other way of scoring bonus points too, but rather than give it away, I'll let you have fun finding it out.

This enchanting game may seem difficult at first, but with a bit of practise and timing you may find that you're a true feline baseball star.

Please bookmark the online baseball game of Japanese Catball, and come back any time to enjoy many more fun games here at Springfrog's friendly corner of the internet.