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Toppling Box Puzzle Game

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There you were, happily working away in one of the rooms in the warehouse when oopsie, the entire place became flooded. Not to worry, it wasn't much, only a couple of inches of water. But the really bad news is that the electric heaters on the floor were shorted out and now if you step on the ground you'll be electrocuted.

Luckily, at the time the flood and the electric short occurred, you were standing on the top of a stack of boxes. The room actually contains a number of stacks, and in this puzzle game itself, on top of the stacks you'll see a number which is the number of boxes in that particular stack. Your position is marked by a black outline, and your aim is to reach the exit marked by the letter E.

Seeing as jumping onto the ground would kill you, your only chance to get to the exit is by toppling the stacks over, and walking on the boxes themselves. You can only topple over a stack that you're standing on. To do this, click with your mouse on any of the squares adjacent to the stack which you are standing on (you can't topple the boxes diagonally). You'll find that all of the boxes on your stack will then topple over, even the one on the bottom, so (having automatically jumped) you'll be left standing on a box which is in the square that you clicked to topple towards. Each box is the size of one square of the room, so you can only topple boxes where their way isn't blocked by another box or a wall. To move along a row of fallen boxes, just click on a square next to where you currently stand.

Can you make it to the exit, which will lead you to another room within the warehouse and the next level?

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