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Chicken Attack Game

Mary-Jean, the Human Package Rescuer

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In the final years of the 21st Century a combination of global warming and increasing world population led to severe food shortages. Scientists tried to solve the problems by creating genetically modified cows, but cows all went mad, moving to a tiny island off Northwest Europe formerly called Britain. They took over the island and renamed it Cowland, declaring independence from the rest of the world.

The cows lived in peace, but with no cows around the world turned to poultry as their hope to end human starvation. A new genetic strain of chicken was created. Bigger, faster and stronger than the harmless little birds we used to know, and ideed than any chicken who has roamed the planet since the dinosaur age, these new genetic chickens had two extra characteristics that scientists did not foresee. They learned extremely fast, and they seemed to have an evil monstrous demeanor.

Although they were kept in free range fields intended to give them happy lives, the chickens wanted more. One group took over a nearby arms factory, and the revolt of the chickens spread, seemingly unstoppably. They began to capture humans and take them hostages, whilst making inordinate demands. Not content with being offered an island or two in which to peacefully live like the cows, the chickens wanted the whole world. They demanded that humanity move to the small moonbase which existed, and which could hold no more than a few hundred thousand people. Billions of people would be left with nowhere to go.

Humanity couldn't accede to the chickens' demands but what would become of the hostages? An intrepid postal girl named Mary-Jean Belle (with certain special powers of her own) took up the mantle and decided to become rescuer and try to free the human prisoners from the chickens' dominion.

As Mary-Jean you are armed only with a supply of rugged cardboard boxes and your special powers which enable you to kick people who are inside the boxes to safety. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control your movement. Try not to be spotted by the chickens as you make your way to the hostages, otherwise they'll attack you with their zap shooters. Once you've placed a hostage in the box, you then need to run to the exit, still avoiding the killer chickens, so that you can kick your human package to safety. You can only carry one hostage in a box at any time as, even though your powers are impressive, you just wouldn't be able to kick a box contaning more than one hostage to safety!

Good luck in saving the hostages!

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