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Online Games

They're fun, they're addictive - take a little time out to give them a try. From space action through to fun games you've never heard of before and lots of addictive puzzles, we've got a huge choice of good playable games here with no rubbish.

Latest games:

Defeat a fleet of invading alien spaceships and collect special power units in Starship Springfrog Online Space Shooter Game.

Give your mind a workout with 0h n0 Colored Dots Grid Logic Puzzle. Position blue or red dots so that the blue dots can see the correct number of other blues before being blocked by a red.

Put your brain to the test with the Online Logic Puzzle Game of 0h h1. Create a grid with equal colored tiles on each row and column, no more than 2 tiles of the same color together and no matching lines.

Collide tiles of the same number to merge them into a new tile of the sum of their values in the puzzle game of 2048.

Enjoy Chinese Chess using Western pieces yet faithful to the original ancient game.

Play 2D and 3D Chess online against the computer.

Set billiard balls on a journey around a 9x9 grid to create lines of 5 or more of the same color in Billi Li Color Lines. You can only move a ball from its starting location to a particular destination if there is a clear path of travel, and more balls are randomly added after each turn, increasing the difficulty of your challenge as the game progresses.

Get your flippers ready in a classic arcade game of online Pinball on 3 fun tables.

Test your mind by rearranging a graph so that no lines except the vertices touch or cross each other in the 20 level puzzle game of Tronix.

Help an allied mech droid Sergeant clear post-apocalyptic city streets and alleyways of enemy robots in the top-down shooter game of Chronicles

Defeat pirates on rickety structures using the trajectory and power of your cannon, with realistic physics and gravity in Pirate Blast.

Remove groups of 2 or more matching adjacent heiroglyphic symbols to collapse, slide and clear an ancient Egyptian wall, but beware of single unmatched blocks which can lose you a life in The Stones of the Pharaoh.

Build walls and use your cannons to defend your castle against invading galleons who are trying to occupy your lands by bombarding you with cows, canonfire and enemy troops in Apocalypse Cow.

With the puck floating on a cushion of air, enjoy a fast paced game of Air Hockey against your computer.

Catapult birds to knock out their human enemies situated on precarious structures in Angry Finches.

Defend a tropical island from alien invaders using your rocket cannon, grenades, power-ups and the help of a friendly helicopter in Island Defender.

Help a daring adventurer run and jump through a cave full of crates and valuable gems whilst being pursued by a deadly giant boulder in Indiara and the Skull Gold.

Test your brain and your chess skills. Take your Knight on a journey so that it lands on every square of a resizable chessboard only once in the Knight's Tour Puzzle.

Remove beams and boxes to help Marty, an adventurous alien, fall gently from unusual structures to collect orbs from a mysterious planet.

Swap adjacent tiles to remove groups of 3 matching patterns and progress through 20 enlightening levels in Seven Senses.

Help an eccentric farmer back down to earth after he has climbed rickety structures of crates and wooden beams in the toppling physics and gravity game of Sudden Birds.

Enjoy the strategy of our Online Mahjong Solitaire game.

Test your logic with our free Online Sudoku Puzzles.

Relax and use your creative mind to solve our Online Jigsaw Puzzles.

Useful converters and Calculators

Lots of useful converters to make your life more easy, and some fun ones too!

NEW: Make sure you have happy feet no matter what country you get your shoes in with our International Shoe Size Conversion charts. Discover some fascinating facts about shoes too.

Convert between Degrees, Minutes and Seconds and Decimal Degrees of Latitude and Longitude to ensure you get the correct location when using maps and GPS devices.

Convert between more than 160 currencies with Springfrog's Currency converter.

Create amazing text-based images from photos and pictures with our ASCII Art Generator

Amaze and amuse your friends by sending them upsidedown emails and messages with our Upside Down Text Converter

Find out how chilly it really feels outside with our Wind Chill Factor Calculator.

Convert Between Hours Minutes & Seconds and Decimal Time with our Decimal Time Converter.

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Calculate my BMI: Body Mass Index Calculator.

What Day of the Week was I born? Discover the weekday of any event with our Day of Week Calculator.

Convert Binary to Decimal and back plus Hexadecimal, Octal and Base 36.

Quickly calculate back and forth between Roman numerals and normal Hindu-Arabic (ie decimal) numbers with our Roman Numeral Conversion Calculator.

Hop into The Springfrog Pond and join in the discussion about Incentivised Clicks.

Funny stuff: Check out our Funny Comic Strip, "Toy Trunk Railroad" plus "A Perfect World", a daily cartoon by Linda Causey.

Personalize your Search Results Highlight Color.  Now, when you get your search results, as well as our traditional froggy green highlighting of all the words of your search terms on the results pages, you can choose from a variety of even more great attractive colors. 

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»Volume converter

»Weight converter

»Length and Distance converter

Translate text or entire web pages with instant free online language translation

Online Dictionary and Thesaurus search

View your Free Daily Horoscope

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