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Online Top-Down Robot City Shooter Game


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In a post-apocalyptic future, cities throughout the world have become overrun by robots intent on wiping out humankind. Originally created to help and protect humanity, some robots decided with their artificial intelligence that mankind was itself destroying planet Earth. The robots turned upon their creators. Despite mankind's promises that it would stop ravaging the planet, the robots began to remove what they saw as the human plague, starting with the largest cities where human populations were the largest.

The USA's defences have retreated to the countryside where allied mech troops have been strategising to regain hold of the great American cities. One brave allied mech droid sergeant has made his way back into the heart of one of the ravaged cities. Your task is to help him to try to clear the cityscape of the enemy robots.

To move your mech sergeant through the roads and alleyways between the city buildings, use your keyboard's W,A,S and D keys - W to go forward, A for left, S to go backward and D to go to the right.

Your mech sergeant is armed with a rotating barrelled machine gun which you can fire by using your left mouse button. He also initialy carries 4 powerful rocket missiles which your right mouse button will fire. As you defeat the enemy robots, some of them will drop more missiles that you can pick up, but bear in mind that your mech sergeant can only carry a maximum of 4 rocket missiles at once. Some robots may also let life packs fall as they are defeated. Walk over to pick up these and your mech droid's armour will regenerate itself.

Scattered around the city are oil barrels which the enemy robots use to power their backup generators. Shooting at one of these will cause it to explode, causing damage to anything in the surrounding area.

You also have a special booster weapon, which needs to be charged up over time. You can see its charge in the "Booster" indicator at the bottom of the game screen. Once it is 100% charged you can activate it by using your keyboard's Q key.

How far can you get in freeing the city from the enemy robots?


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