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Island Defender
Online Defence Game


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On the day the aliens arrived, mankind wondered whether they would be friendly or hostile. Unfortunately it quickly became clear that their intent was to completely take over the Earth and dispose of the current caretakers of the planet, humankind itself.

In the game of Island Defender, the aliens have almost succeded in their bid to dominate the planet. All that remains in free human control is a small tropical island. It is your task to defend this final outpost of free humanity against the aliens' flying saucers and motherships.

Aim your rocket cannon and try to shoot the aliens out of the sky, using your left mouse button to fire. In addition to your rockets, you've also got a small arsenal of powerful grenades at your disposal. You can release a salvo of these grenades by clicking your right mouse button. Use them wisely as they're very limited. They can be very useful in destroying the alien motherships.

After each wave of attack the aliens will increase the strength of their force against you. However, you can gain upgrades for your rocket cannon and extra grenades by collecting special power-ups that may drop from some of the alien spaceships after you have shot them. Also look out for the starry boxes that shoot past in the sky, as well as the Springfrog boxes. These contain extra weaponry that will help you to blast nearby alien invaders out of existence. After a while, a friendly helicopter will also appear to help you in defence of the island.

Good luck - the fate of planet Earth is in your hands.


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