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Tail Gunner


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Location: Centaurus System.....

Returning through space towards Earth after having successfully completed your mission to inflict damage on enemy weapons manufacturing bases in a remote region on the outskirts of the Centaurus system, you notice multiple enemy space craft approaching from your rear.  Your heavy armour makes their lasers useless but if they can pass you they will be able to use their own rear battle cannons which can quickly wear down your shields.

When an enemy fighter gets past you it will fire on your space ship.  You will see the screen flash and shake if they score a hit.  Keep an eye on your shields - they protect you, and if they go, so do you.

Click in the game area below with your mouse to start this great 3D game, or press your s key.   Use your mouse to sight an enemy space ship.  When an enemy ship is in your sights, your ship's computers will light up a target box giving the approaching ship's range and closing speed.  Click your mouse button to fire your lasers.

You can pause at any time by hitting the p key.  Pressing p again will resume.  Sound can be toggled off or on using the m key.

Good Luck!


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