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Springfrog allows you to use what is probably the most targeted and cost effective method available to promote your web site.  Keyword bidding means that you can bid on terms which surfers use when they search so that your site can be shown above the competition in our search engine results.  You are ONLY charged when a surfer actually clicks on your listing and goes through to your site.  You can bid as little as 1 pence (English currency) per visit so you can have 700 VISITS TO YOUR SITE  for as little as  £7 (click here for our currency converter).  Compare this to normal banner advertising where you could spend more than this on a similar number of untargeted impressions which could only result in a very small percentage of click-thrus, and you'll begin to see the power of keyword bidding.

Although Springfrog uses English currency for its bids, Springfrog is a totally international search engine, so your listings will be displayed to the whole world.  Of course, if you have products or services which you only wish to make available to your local area, simply add your area to the terms you bid on.  For example if you have a local flower shop which only delivers in the Carolina area of the USA, you could bid on terms like:

  • carolina flowers 
  • flowers carolina 
  • carolina flower shop 
  • flower shop carolina 
Remember, you are only charged when someone actually visits your site, so you can bid on as many relevant terms as you wish.

The minimum starting balance is currently only £7 (click here for our currency converter).  For a limited period, Springfrog will DOUBLE the value of your order, so if you pay £7, you'll actually get £14 worth of promotion.  You'll be surprised how quick and easy it is to set up your listings.  Just click here to start promoting your site.

As a further bonus, all web site owners with a live balance in their keyword bidding account and at least one active bid on a search term or phrase are eligible for extra free promotion with Springfrog's "Interesting Random Sponsored Sites" Side Boxes.  The Side Boxes appear at random to the right of search results where there are no terms which have been bid upon.  Provided your site does not contain material which would be objectionable for a general audience, Side Boxes give you additional exposure, free advertising and branding, plus all your click-thrus from our Side Boxes are totally free!

When you sign up you will also automatically become eligible to participate in our exciting Cash Prize Draw and also Springfrog's affiliate program where you can earn generous lifetime commissions for signing up advertisers.  Please check out the links for more details.

Please note that Springfrog no longer accepts keyword bidding from sites with strong adult content.

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