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Springfrog's affiliate program allows you to earn a generous rate of commission for every web site owner you get to sign up to add their paid search listings to the Springfrog search engine through keyword bidding.  You will earn 10% of all the money paid by a web site owner who you get to sign up to promote their site.  The great thing is that once you have signed up a web site owner, you will get paid commission on ALL FUTURE PROMOTION they pay for at Springfrog.  Some websites have a huge annual promotion budget, so this program could make you a very nice extra income.

Not only will you get paid the lifetime commission of 10%, but if you refer others to the Springfrog affiliate program, you will be paid further commissions at the rate of 5% of the money paid by web site owners who your referrals get to sign up for paid search listings (a web site owner who you get to sign up to promote their site automatically becomes one of your referrals.  Similarly, anyone who you get to sign up for the affiliate program who may not wish to pay for keyword bidding but simply wishes to be a participant in the affiliate program will also be one of your referrals).

Furthermore, as an affiliate you will also earn points for every visit to Springfrog from links at your site.  For every point (representing a visit to Springfrog from one of your links), you will get an entry into Springfrog's prize draw which offers a cash prize of at least £50 (English pounds) each month.  In addition you will earn extra entries into the draw through 4 levels of referrals below you.  For further details of Springfrog's prize draws, please click here.

It costs you nothing to sign up for Springfrog's affiliate program.  Simply complete the simple form on our sign up page.  You will then be provided with a link to use to send people to Springfrog.