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MoonStar 2

Online Game of Skill and Strategy

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MoonStar 2 is a fast paced game of skill with 3 different modes of challenge and multiple levels.   You will need to use quick thinking and strategy to control your colored worm and destroy colored blocks by creating horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows of 3 or more of the same color.

At the start of the game a worm will appear, made of blocks of colors.  You can control your worm with the keyboard.  The arrow keys are the default keys for changing the direction of your worm, and your space bar can be used to pause the game at any time.  If you wish you can change the keys which are used for these controls by clicking on the config keys button within the game screen.

Once your worm hits something, such as the edge of the edge or another block, it will stop moving, leaving its colored blocks where they are.  However, all blocks that  form a line of 3 or more of the same color will be destroyed.  Each block you destroy will gain you more points, and the more you detroy at the same time, the more points you receive.

To start, click on New .  You will then be asked to select between the options of the 3 different modes of play:  arcade, campaign or custom. 

In Arcade mode, things begin easy with a blank screen, but can get difficult quickly as blocks build up.  Try to hold on as long as possible and gather extra points by destroying larger combinations.  Do you have the skill and strategy to survive?

Clicking on the campaign button will take you to the second mode of the game.  In this version there are walls and emeralds.  A grey block is a wall and can not be destroyed so you will need to work around them.  Once all the colored emeralds are destroyed, you win the level and proceed to the next level.  Conquer all the levels to win the game!

Finally, custom mode will allow you to choose your own settings to make your game as difficult or as easy as you wish.  You can set the number of different colors, the length of your worm, the size of the playing area and even the game speed.

Good luck and have fun!

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