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Star Jam is a truly unique online music game.  The idea is to compose a musical guitar riff by bouncing your riff ball around the playing area and off various differently shaped blocks.  As your riff ball moves around the game area, clicking your mouse will drop the next block into the space in front of your riff ball.  The blocks will deflect your ball in different directions depending on their shapes.  As the blocks build up and your ball bounces off increasing numbers of blocks which you have dropped, the musical riff produced by your riff ball will become more complex.  The more complex your riff becomes, the higher your RIFF RATING.  This results in a greater number of points you are likely to score and the higher your chances become of moving up to the next level. 

Once you have achieved a good enough RIFF RATING try to position blocks to deflect your ball into the star to gain points.

The NEXT box in the top right hand corner of the game will show you the shape of the next block to be dropped.  You can change the tempo of your riff by using the tempo bar just below the RIFF RATING box - clicking your mouse mulitiple times at the extreme right of the tempo bar will increase the tempo, whereas doing the same at the extreme left of the tempo bar will decrease the tempo.

You'll need to use a little strategy when deciding where to place your blocks.  Beware of blocking yourself into a corner or creating a wildly too hot riff - if you do this your guitar string will break! 

Click your mouse in the game to start the musical fun!


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