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Indiara and the Skull Gold
Online Running Adventure Game


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Indiara is a daring adventurer who is on a quest to collect 8 ancient gold skulls. After many years of investigaton she has learned of the locations of all 8 golden skulls. Now her real adventure begins.

Unfortunatetly the golden skulls are located deep in dangerous caves. Indiara has heard tales of other adventurers who have entered the caves, but none have ever been seen again. Undeterred, Indiara is determined that her years of research to find the caves will not have been in vain.

At the beginning of the game you join Indiara as she has just found one of the gold skulls in the first cave. Help our brave adventurer run and jump away from the gigantic boulder which pursues her, whilst also avoiding letting Indiara drop into one of the many deadly chasms which are found in the caves. To get Indiara to jump, click your left mouse button. The longer you hold the button down the higher she will jump (although naturally she can only jump to a certain height). Alternatively, if you're using a touch-screen on a mobile phone or tablet computer you can touch the game to get her bounding into the air. Whilst she is running and jumping, try to get Indiara to collect jewels which will increase your score, and can even get you a "Perfect" rating if you collect them all on a level.

Beware of running into the crates strewn around the caves. Although these boxes themselves won't kill Indiara, running into any will temporarily slow her down for a split second, allowing the giant boulder to approach closer.

Can you help Indiara safely escape with all 8 gold skulls, and can you achieve a "Perfect" rating on any of the levels?


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