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Floyd Catcher

Jungle Butterfly Game

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Intrepid explorer and naturalist Professor Papillon had a very successful butterfly hunt deep within the jungle. In fact he managed to find and catch a totally brand new species that no-one had ever been before. It took him a while to think of a name for them, but on his long trek back to his camp he finally decided to called these beautiful new butterflies "Floyds". Just as he was arriving back to the camp though, a group of little monkeys attacked the Professor and stole all of his Floyds. Even more cheekily, the little monkeys threw objects at him to keep him away. The Professor was heartbroken, but he decided that out of honour he would retaliate and try to regain his stolen Floyds.

In this highly engaging game of Floyd Catcher, you control the interepid Professor in his honourable battle to get his Floyds back. To start, click on the game itself (to give your computer "focus" to the game), and then use your up or down arrow keys to choose from Play, Help, Scores (High scores aren't currently kept but this may be added here in the future) or Credits. Use your Space bar as if you'd use the enter key to select your chosen option.

Once you're in the game, try to catch fruits which the monkeys throw at you. Once you've caught a fruit, you can turn the tables on the monkeys and throw the fruit back at them. If you hit a monkey it will drop one butterfly that they have stolen from you. Watch out for the heavy objects that the monkeys drop though - these will knock you out, and you've only got a few lives.

To move the professor use your left and right arrow keys. He's a spritely chap and if you use the up arrow key or your control key the professor will jump. Once you've managed to catch a fruit, use your space bar to throw fruit at the cheeky monkeys. At any stage in the game you can pause by pressing your keyboard's P key. You can the resume or quit the game. If you want to you can press your M key to turn off the music.

Catch enough butterflies and you'll start to progress onward through the levels where things get even more challenging for our daring Professor.

Please bookmark Floyd Catcher, the Jungle Butterfly Game and come back to Springfrog any time for some more fluttery fun.