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Multiple Level Online Snake Game

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Serpent takes the original classic snake game and turns it into a multiple level challenge which you'll find totally addictive. At the start it looks like the traditional classic, one difference being that initially the walls present no actual boundary for your snake. Instead, a highly technically produced wormhole (or should that be snake hole) exists at the walls which will transport your snake through the universe and back onto the checkered square playing area on the opposite side to where he first disappeared.

As the game progresses, the differences between Serpent and the classic snake game emerge even more. Your snake's normal food is represented by a red blob. However, every now and then a yellow blob will appear. These yellow pieces of food are packed full of goodness, and eating one of these will score double the number of points as the red food. Be quick though - the yellow food will not stay around for long.

In the course of play the portal door to the next level will open. At this point you have a choice to stay on the current level for a while, or guide your snake through the portal door. Staying on the existing level for as long as you feel comfortable with your snake's increasing growth can be very advantageous as you'll get double points for all food whilst the portal door is open. Plus, if you stay on a level for long enough you may get the chance to play a bonus game with a massive boost in your points.

To start the game click on Begin, then use your left or right arrow keys to toggle between selecting between Normal level or Hard, and use your sace bar to enter your selection of one of these two difficulty levels. Use your arrow keys to guide your snake around in its search for food. You can pause the game at any time by using your keyboard's P key.

How for can your snake progress up the levels and how many points can you achieve?

Please bookmark Serpent, the Multiple Level Online Snake Game3D Snake and come back to Springfrog any time for some more snakey fun.