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3D Snake Game

On a Rotating Cube

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This fabulous 3D snake game brings a whole new dimension (sorry, I couldn't resist the pun) to the popular eat-em up and grow favourite. Your hungry snake has found his way on to a magic rotating cube, upon which his favourite food, scrumptious cherries, grow. The cherries will only grow on one piece of the cube at a time. Your task is to guide your snake to the cherries so that he can grow healthy and large. Each time the snake eats one lot of cherries, he will grow in length - his growth is, by some happy coincidence of fate and nature, exactly the size of one of the small squares on the cube.

Because the snake is constantly moving, he is using up lots of energy so his hunger won't fade. Luckily, immediately after he has feasted upon one set of cherries, another set will pop up on another part of the cube. The trouble is, this little snake is so hungry that anything he bumps into he will give a huge bite at. As the snake grows, it gets progressively more tricky ensure that the snake avoids bumping into its own body. If it does bump into itself, before even thinking it will give a massive chomp at the part of its own body that it has bumped into - and sadly that will be the end of your snake.

To control the snake's direction of movement, use your keyboard's arrow keys. You can pause at any point in the game by pressing the P key on your keyboard, and the sound can be toggled on or off by pressing your S key. The number of cherries that your snake has eaten is displayed in the score box at the top left of the game.

How many yummy cherries will your snake be able to eat?

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