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4 Wheelin

3D Driving Game

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Test your driving skills with 4 Wheelin. This fun 3D game presents you with a varied choice of different tracks to enjoy, each with their very own challenges, difficulties and quirks to keep you "on your toes" (or should I say "on your wheels") and wondering what's going to happen around the next corner. In addition to being able to select from 5 pre-set courses, you can also choose the Trailblazer Mode random track to give you a different trailway every time you play.

As you're driving through rough off-road tracks, your jeep realistically bounces, slides and jumps along the trails. Make sure you don't go off the bumpy trail though - a crash will be instantly deadly. Can you make it to your journey's end, and how fast can you complete your trip?

To control your speed, use the A key to accelerate and the Z key to brake and slow down. Your jeep has good cruise control, so if you take your hands away from the speed control keys, you can cruise at a constant speed for a while if you wish. Your keyboard's left and right arrow keys control your steering.

You've got full control over the level of sound effects, and you can also choose between Dashboard View and Open Road View using the drop-down menus at the start of the game. Open Road View gives you a clear and unobstructed view of the road, just as you'd see it by looking straight through your front windscreen. Dashboard View, however, gives you the advantage of being able to see your speed in Miles Per Hour, plus your RPM dial is also in sight too.

Have a good journey and happy driving!

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