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Under Pressure

Fun Collapsing Tile Game

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Under Pressure is a highly enjoyable, increasingly-paced, multi-level collapsing tile game. At the bottom of the game's playing area you'll see a row of tiles beginning to build up. Similarly, another row of tiles is building down from the uppermost part of the game. Your mission is to remove groups of 3 or more matching tiles fast enough to stop the any part of the top row from colliding with the bottom row. Effectively this means trying to ensure that any two opposing (top and bottom) columns stay at least 2 tiles distance apart from each other, otherwise when the next sets of tiles are pushed in from the top and bottom, you'll end up with an explosive clash and the game will end.

To help you plan forward, the colours of the tiles which are about to appear at the bottom and top of the games will show in a preview area above the very top row of tiles and below the very bottom row. Once the preview area is full, these new colored tiles will be pushed into the game itself.

There are four difficulty ratings from which you can choose, and multiple levels within each difficulty rating. As you progress through the levels, the time that the new sets of tiles take to appear reduces, plus at levels 10 and 20 you'll find that additional colours are added, making your challenge even more impressive,

The more tiles you remove in a single mouse-click, the higher you will score for that particular move. As tiles are removed, tiles around them will collapse to fill the space created. You'll need a combination of strategy and speed to score high...

Good luck and have fun!

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