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The Same Game is an addictive and fun online game which is simple to learn but takes thought, skill and strategy to master.  The aim is to clear the playing board by removing adjacent balls of the same color.  The more balls you remove in a single move, the higher the number of points you will score in that particular move.  

To start playing, just move your mouse over the balls in the game board below.  You will see that as you hover over one ball, if there are other adjacent balls of the same color, they will all shrink in size.  This is an indication of the balls which will be removed if you click on that particular ball.       

At the same time as the adjacent balls shrink, you may notice that a number appears in the click score box, which is located at the bottom right of the game board.  This click score is the number of points that will be added to your total score if you remove the selected balls which your mouse is hovering over at the time.  If you only have two adjacent balls of the same color, the click score will be zero.  For three balls, the click score will be one, for four balls it is four, five balls scores nine, and so on.  With larger numbers of adjacent balls, the click score can be very considerable!

If possible, try to plan ahead in the game so that you don't find yourself without any adjacent balls of the same color.  If this happens, the game will end even though the board may not be completely clear.

To run the game again, just click on your browser's reload or refresh button.

Good luck and have fun!

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