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Flip Switch

Picture Puzzle Game

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Springfrog's animal friends seem to have gotten themselves into a bit of a tizzy. They've become all mixed up with each other. Just take a look at the picture below and you'll see what a jumble they've got themselves into!

Believe it or not, somewhere amongst the confusion is a cute donkey, a smart toucan, and a loving mother kangaroo carrying her baby joey. The individual tiles all come from one of the three animal pictures. To help unscramble them so that the animals can get themselves back together again, you need to click on a tile to advance the section of the image in the tile forward. However, it's not that easy - by clicking on a tile, not only will that particular tile advance (increment) forward by one, but all of the tiles in the same row and column will also advance forward (or if the tiles are from the last image, a tile from the first image is shown).

By clicking the right combinations of tiles, you should be able to toggle to show a single image. Pressing the Increment button at any stage will advance every tile forward by one. If you manage to solve the puzzle, pressing the Scramble button will re-scramble all the tiles to allow you to play again. You can also press this button at any stage in the game to re-scramble the tiles if you find that you're having difficulty with the existing combination that you're playing with. If all else fails, there's also the Solve button which will instantly get all of the animals to reorganise themselves into their correct full photo poses.

Good luck and have fun - the animals are counting on you!

Sorry, java is required for this game - your Web browser is not java-enabled or you have Java turned off in your settings.


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