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Bird Brain Game

Escape the Killer Birds

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In Bird Brain, you control a red bird who needs to use his superior intelligence and weapons to escape and destroy the flock of blue birds who are out to get him.  Although there may be more blue birds than your single solitary red bird, the blue birds aren't so smart.  They will continue to advance toward you without thinking about the other birds around them.  If they bump into each other, they will be instantly knocked out and killed.  Similarly, if a blue bird trips over an existing dead bird, he will fall over and die too.

Birdbrain is a turn-based game and is completely mouse-driven.  To move, click your mouse on any of the 8 spaces adjacent to your red bird.  Be careful though, if one the enemy blue birds moves to the same space, it will kill you and the game is over.

Try to use strategy with your moves - try to make moves that will cause the blue birds to crash into each other.  The fewer moves you make, the higher your score will be.

As you move up the levels the flocks of blue killer birds become larger, leaving you less options to run away.  This is when your deadly zapper comes in useful.  This will destroy all blue birds in the 8 adjacent spaces around your red bird, but beware, you only have limited use of the zapper in each level.  The Zapper Ammo indicator will show you how many uses of the zapper you have remaining on the particular level you are on. Unfortunately any birds you kill using the zapper will not add to your score.

You can also use a magical teleport button to instantly fly to a random part of the board at any stage of the game.  There is no limit on how many times you can teleport but you'll lose 5 points each time you teleport away .  Beware too that a blue bird could be perfectly positioned to be able to immediately get you once you've reappeared at the random destination! 

If you want to give up, just click the suicide.  This will allow the blue birds to execute an unstoppable attack and do you in.  The game will be over.

Sometimes when first starting the game itself it will appear to freeze with a few colored dots in the middle of the game. If this happens, click in the area of the game itself to start things up. You may also find that you initially get a blank game with green squares but no birds. If this occurs, count 7 or 8 squares along at the bottom on the game, and click two or thre times just under the 7th or 8th bottom square (this is where the suicide button is usually found - doing this will bring and end to the first "invisible" game and let you start playing normally)

Good luck and have fun.  

Sorry, your browser is not Java enabled.

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Bookmark Bird Brain and come back any time to enjoy this great game again.