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Gomoku - Connect Five in a Row

Ancient Strategy Game


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Gomoku is an ancient strategy game with origins in China dating back to earlier than 270BC, originally played with smooth black and white colored stones.  It is similar a popular modern european game.  However, instead of just requiring you to connect a row of four, you need to go one further and connect 5 in a row wih Gomoku. 

Considered by many to be one of the worlds greatest strategy games, Gomoku was introduced to Japan by the Chinese in 270BC.  The full name of Gomoku is actually Gomoku Narabe, which is Japanese for "five points in a row".  Japanese chronicles show that at the time of the late 17th and early 18th Century Gomoku Narabe was at its height of popularity, being played by young and old alike.  By 1880 the game had reached Europe where it is also known as Gobang. 

Despite the simplicity of idea, Gomoku is far more complex than tic tac toe and even goes beyond connecting just four.  In the java game below you get to have first go, using the red balls. Just click your mouse in the square where you wish to place your ball.  The computer is your remorseless and unrelenting opponent.  As an extra bit of fun, you can move the game board around in 3D space if you wish by clicking and holdng your mouse button, then dragging the board around.  

If you don't see the game playing grid to start off with, clicking the New Game button wil make a new blank grid appear.

Good luck and have fun! 



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