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Trouble Underground

Online Strategy Game

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Thanks to Karsten Mandrup Nielsen of for the use of this great game on Springfrog.

Under your feet it's amazing what's going on.  Creatures are busily working away and enjoying their daily lives.  Two particular creatures who have joined together to help each other out are the worm and the mole.  In this multiple level strategy game, Trouble Underground, the mole and the worm need to move the obstacles to make their way to the subterranean maze exit which will lead them to the next level.  The worm can only move the small rocks as the larger boulders are far too heavy.  The mole can only move the large boulders as the smaller rocks are far too fiddly and small for his big paws to deal with.

To move these underground friends around, use your keyboard's arrow keys.  The picture at the top right of the game screen will indicate whether the worm or the mole is the current active creature who will be moved when you use your arrow keys.  To toggle between moving the mole and the worm, just press your space bar If you find that you have made a wrong move, or have maybe trapped the mole or the worm so that they can't make any more moves at all, you have the option of the following undo or re-start options:

  • Your keyboard's U key will undo your move.
  • Pressing the Esc key on your keyboard will restart the mole and the worm at the beginning of the particular level you are on, with all the rocks and boulders in their original places.
However, although these options may be advantageous, your overall move count (near the top left of the game) will not reduce as you undo moves, or restart the map, so plan ahead to try to help the mole and worm escape in the least number of moves.

If you complete all 5 levels in less than 1100 moves, you can put yourself on the High Score board.

Good luck and have fun!

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