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Rocks is a novel, addictive and fun online strategy game with multiple choices regarding the difficulty and other settings.  Your aim is to get as many rocks as possible through the two-way gates and down to the bottom.  Click with your mouse in the green starting gates at the top of the game to start your rock falling.  If a falling rock hits another which is being held up by a gate, the falling rock will bounce off and into the next lane.  Each rock which you sucessfully get to the bottom will increase  your score by one point.  However, your computer opponent is also trying to score as  many points as possible.  You take turns against the computer.  If you can get your strategy right and get two or more rocks to reach the bottom in a single turn, you will be awarded with an extra turn.

You can change the amount of time, and the number of possibilities which the computer considers when making its next move by altering the My Search option.  Level 1 is the easiest level, where the computer only considers a limited range of possiblities, whereas Level 4 is the most difficult.

In addition to this, you can determine the size of the playing area by choosing how many rows and columns you wish the game to include.  Try various different options - you'll find that your strategy will need to be tweaked depending on the game size.

Finally, you can choose the score which either you or the computer need to reach in order to win.  This is done by chicking on and changing the Winning Score option.

This one really is addictive - have fun!

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