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Siji is a multiple level online solitaire game.  Based upon the traditional peg solitaire, Siji, which means one in the Javanese language, uses rocks or marbles for pieces.  It goes far beyond the well-loved classic game which only had one, traditionally cross shaped, playing field.  Siji has numerous different shaped playing areas, with a total of 45 levels! 

As in the classic version of the original solitaire game, you need to use strategy and forward planning to try to reduce the number of marbles on the board down to one single marble.  To do this, you move your marbles by jumping over adjacent ones.  You can only move vertically and horizontally, not diagonally.  In order to select a piece to move, simply click on it with your mouse.  This will have the effect of changing the color of the marble, indicating that it is ready to move.  If you click on marble which is in such a position that moving it is impossibe, the color will not change.  Having selected a piece, if you change your mind and decide that you do not wish to move that particular piece, click on it again to return it to its original color.  You will then be able to select an alternative piece. 

Having chosen which marble you wish to move, you will need to jump another piece to land in an empy space on the game area.  Click on the empty space where you want to move and you'll see your marble will move to its new position, whilst at the same time the piece which you jumped over will disappear from the board.  If you manage to successfully get down to one single marble you will be promoted thru to the next level of the game. 

You have a choice of a number of useful extra features as follows:

  • Pressing your keyboard's K key, or clicking the > sign at the bottom of the game will take you forward one level.
  • Press J or < to go back by one level.
  • L or >> will proceed you forward by 11 levels.
  • H or << takes you backward by 11 levels.
  • Backspace or the U button will undo your previous move.  You can undo up to 200 steps. 
  • Your keyboard's Esc key or clicking on X in the game itself will return you to the start.
Best of luck and have fun!

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