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3D Carpet Golf Game

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This is a very realistic carpet golf game (also known as crazy golf or mini golf).  You can choose between 3 practice courses and 3 tournament courses.  There are 18 holes per course, with a selection of ramps (with very convincing gravity), windmills, water obstacles, drop holes and much more fun to contend with. 

Before you start to play, please read the tips below.  They will help you get the best out of this great little golf game and will assist in maximizing the fun!

3D Carpet Golf Tips

To aim your shot, click on the golf course and an aiming arrow will appear.  The direction of the arrow indicates the direction of your shot.  The further away from your ball that you click, the larger the arrow will be, indicating a stronger and more powerful shot.

To take your shot, click and hold your mouse over the Swing button.  Try to release the swing button when the red Aim indicator is at the centre of its range.  Doing so will give you a shot in the direction of the aiming arrow.  Releasing the Swing button when the indicator is to the left or right of the Aim indicator will result in the golf ball veering off to the left or right.

The slopes can be quite tricky!  To try to stop your golf ball from rolling back down from one of the flat areas at the top of a slope, try hitting the ball at an angle to the slope.  This will give it a longer distance to slow down.  Be careful too with the strength of your shots.

To change the angle from which you are viewing the 3D virtual golf course, click and hold your mouse on the move button whilst dragging your mouse in the direction you wish to move. 

Differences Between Practice and Tourament Golf Mode

In tournament golf mode you are limited to a maximum of seven strokes per hole.  In practice mode there is no limit,

In practise mode you can, if you wish, use cheat keys which will allow you to rapidly play holes which are giving you trouble.  The cheat keys are: 
Replay the hole from the beginning
Go to the previous hole
Go to the next hole

To Tee Off and Play this Fun Virtual Golf Game, just...

Select a Course

Practice Course 1 Practice Course 2 Practice Course 3
Tournament Course 1 Tournament Course 2 Tournament Course 3

Carpet Golf 3D

By Edward R. Hobbs

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