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Frog Concentration

Memory Match Game

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Springfrog has gathered together a few of his froggy friends to bring you this fun memory match game. In Frog Concentration, you'll see a number of cells, all initiallly hidden by the black and white Guardian Frog, shown below:

The Guardian Frog

Click on the Guardian Frog and he'll show you the Frog who he is guarding. Click on a second cell, and the Guardian Frog will show you the frog who he is guarding in that particular cell. If the two frogs match, when you next click on the game, those frogs will disappear, revealing part of the large picture below them. If the two frogs don't match though, the black and white Guardian Frog will cover the frogs again on your next click, so do your best to remember which frog was where.

As well as being a brilliantly enjoyable test of your memory, this great little game has sound effects to add to the fun too.

You win the game by finding all the frogs and finally clicking on the larger picture below them to reveal the whole picture. The number of Attempts that you've had in matching the frogs is shown on the bottom left of the game screen, and the number of frog pairs that you've correctly found is hown in the Score at the bottom right of the game screen. Try to match all the frogs in the lowest number of attempts that you can - tell your friends about Frog Concentration too and see if you can match the frogs in a lower number of attempts than them!

Once you've completed the game, to have another go, just click the SCRAMBLE button.

If you can't find all the frog pairs together, you can click the SOLVE button at any time.

Happy searching and good luck.  

Sorry, java is required for this game - your Web browser is not java-enabled or you have Java turned off in your settings.

Bookmark Frog Concentration Memory Match and come back any time to enjoy this great game.