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Fun Strategy Game

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Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced player, you'll love this flash version of Reversi. Complete with sound effects and smooth, beautiful graphics, the game is based on the traditional 8x8 board layout.  The computer player is very smart, so you'll need to use forward planning and strategy if you hope to win.

How to Play Reversi

The rules of Reversi only take a moment to learn, yet the game can take a lifetime to master.  In the game there are 64 discs.  Each disc has a different color on each of its two sides.

Your discs are colored
The computer's discs are colored

The game starts with four discs in the center of the board - two of your color and two of the computer's color.  When it is your turn to play, click on an empty square of the board where you wish to place a disc.  You can only place your disc on a space where it can flip at least one of the computer's discs.  To be able to flip one or more of the computer's discs, you need to place your disc in a space where it "outflanks" (ie traps) discs of the computer's color.  This means that you need to place a disc on the board so that one or more of the computer's discs (or rows of discs) are bordered at each end by a disc of your color.  A row is defined as one or more discs in a continuous straight line, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.  All discs outflanked in any one move are flipped, so one move can sometimes flip quite a large number of discs, thus making a drastic difference to the game.

A disc may outflank any number of opponent's discs in one or more rows in any number of directions at the same time, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

If on your turn you cannot outflank and flip at least one of the computer's discs, you can skip your move by clicking on the Pass button. 

When it is no longer possible for either player to move, or when all 64 of the board squares are full, the game is over - if you end up with more discs of your color on the board than the computer then you have won!

Good luck and have fun.

Bookmark Reversi and come back any time to enjoy this great fun game.