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Bridges Game

Be an Online Bridge Builder

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Bridges is a deceptively simple game, yet surprisingly difficult to master.  In this addictive game you are a bridge builder, trying to build a continuous set of bridges which span from one side of the board to another.  Your bridges can be as winding as you like, but they must join both sides of the board.  The problem is, the computer is playing against you, and is trying to build its own set of bridges from from the top of the board to the bottom. 

Your bridges are colored red, whilst the computer's bridges are blue.  The empty spaces where you can place a bridge are colored white.

You'll need to use forward planning and strategy to win.  The computer is a worthy opponent, and is quick and clever in its placing of its bridges.  If you need or wish to, you can block the computer's plans by building a bridge in a space where you think the computer may want to take.

To place a bridge, just click your mouse on one of the empty white spaces.  It's as easy as that. Although winning definitely isn't so simple.

Good luck and have fun.


Why not bookmark Bridges and come back any time to enjoy this fun game again.