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Real Invaders Game

Space Invaders for the 21st Century

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Real Invaders captures the excitement of the original arcade classic game, Space Invaders, plus adds a few fun extras to bring the game into the 21st Century.  The graphics in Real Invaders are a huge improvement on the original arcade game, including a wide variation of different types of aliens which are trying to kill you.  Multiple levels mean that as you progress through the gameplay, things get tougher, with additional types of space invaders bombarding you.  Watch out for the Boss levels - there may only be a single invader on these levels but their space ships have thick shields, and require numerous hits to destroy.

Every now and then a UFO will hurtle across the sky - shooting down the UFO will enable your scientists at Roswell and Area 51 to discover new alien technology from examination of the wreckage, which will be used to improve the abilities of your missiles.

Use your left arrow and right arrow keys to move your missile turret, and your space bar to fire.  You have 4 missile turrets available to use, although if you destroy enough UFOs your scientists and engineers may be able to build an extra turret.  Be careful not to allow the invaders to land - an alien landing will result in the invaders taking over the earth and instant annihilation!

At the end of the game a screen will come up where you can view the high scores which other players have attained - and even add your own name or if you're one of the top 20 defenders of the Earth!

The fate of the World is in your hands - good luck!

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