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Online Scenic Jigsaw Puzzle of the Rialto Bridge in Venice


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Located in North-East Italy by the Adriatic Sea, Venice is one of the most picturesque cities in the world, with its waterways, bridges, old buildings and boats. Have fun piecing together this scenic jigsaw puzzle of the Rialto Bridge in Venice and enjoy the beauty of this historic European city.

With lots of scenic detail in the picture, this is a great jigsaw puzzle to test yourself at a high number of pieces (select the drop-down box at the top of the jigsaw to choose how many pieces there will be).

The Rialto Bridge was the first bridge in history to cross the Grand Canal in Venice. Today there are four bridges across the Grand Canal, but the Rialto bridge remains the most famous and is one of the most visited landmarks in the whole of Venice.

Bearing the name of the district of Rialto located on the Eastern bank of the canal, it constituted the only link between both halves of Venice until 1854, linking up the districts of San Polo and San Marco.

History of the Rialto Bridge

The history of the first fixed crossing at this location goes all the way back to the year 1181 when a floating bridge was set up on the canal. This was upgraded around 1250 to a proper fixed wooden bridge with inclined ramps from each side, and a central section that could be raised to enable high-masted ships to pass through. Unfortunately this was severely damaged by fire during a revolt in 1310. In fact the bridge has had a bit of an unfortunate history, as later, in 1444, the rebuilt bridge collapsed under the weight of spectators watching a boat parade. It was built anew again, with two rows of shops, one on each side of the bridge, and a central moving section again to allow the passage of ships. Eighty years later disaster hit once more in 1524 when the bridge collapsed into the canal. It was time to stop thinking about wood and start to plan the construction of a more solid bridge that would be stronger and last longer.

At the beginning of the 16th century, the Republic of Venice decided to rebuild the bridge using stone. This was considered over many years, and renowned architects including Jacopo Sansovino, Andrea Palladio and Michelangelo were asked to draw up plans. After a competition wa held, the task was entrusted to Antonio da Ponte who undertook the reconstruction of the stone Rialto bridge, beginning in 1588 and completing the project in 1591.

Although many people had been sceptical about the building of a single-spanned bridge from stone, the Rialto Bridge completed in 1591 continues to stand sturdily in its place to this day. The bridge consists of one powerful arch 28 metres wide, with a maximum height at the centre being 7.5 metres. The bridge itself is 48 metres long. This breathtaking construction stands on 12 thousand piles made from elm hammered into the bottom of the canal banks. Each of these piles supporting the foundations is 13 metres long.

On the bridge there are three pedestrianized walkways: One on each of the two outer sides of the bridge, and one in the centre between two rows of 12 shops, giving 24 shops in total. You can see the arches where the backs of the shops on one side of the bridge are located in the jigsaw puzzle. Five of the 6 are visible on the left hand side of the jigsaw puzzle and all 6 of those on the right hand side can be seen. The 3 pedestrianized paths are connected in the centre of the bridge by the two larger arches at the top of the bridge

On each side of the bridge, two Patron Saints of Veince, Saint Theodore and Saint Mark can be seen by visitors, as well as the Annunciation from the Angel Gabriel to Mary that she would give birth to son of God

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Thanks to Chris O'Brien for the use of his lovely scenic picture of the Rialto Bridge in Venice, which is used in this jigsaw puzzle.

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