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Online Jigsaw Puzzle of Horses Pulling a Covered Wagon at Oktoberfest


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Put your creative picture-building skills to the test by solving this great online jigsaw puzzle of horses pulling a covered wagon in a parade through Munich's city centre during Germany's Oktoberfest. This beautiful wagon is reminiscent of those used in olden-day America during the era of the Wild West.

At the Oktoberfest there are over 200 different organisations with their various stalls, rides and exhibits, many dating back to the start of the 20th century. Although the horse races which were one of the attractions of the original Oktoberfest in 1810 are no longer present in the modern Oktoberfest, you can still enjoy some equine fun by riding a horse carousel. They may not be real horses but at least you can be sure they'll go in the right direction! In addition to the popular, nostalgic attractions, new enterprises put up stalls each year to tickle your fancy with cutting-edge modern technologies.

The Ferris Wheel or Big Dipper as it is also called, was put up for the first time in 1880 and had, at that time, a height of 12 metres. Since 1979 a new ferris wheel with a height of 48 metres ranks among the best known attractions and offers to passengers a view worth seeing over the fairground.

The Crinoline is a traditional round carousel which has stood at the Oktoberfest since 1924. The round form and the fluctuating movement is reminiscent of a crinoline dress. Until 1938 human muscle-power was still used to move this carousel.

Pitt's Wall of Death will be familiar to fans of the Elvis presley movie “Roustabout”. This is a large steep wooden cylindrical wall about twelve metres in diameter and eight metres high. Motorcyclists race around the inner wall, held up only by the centrifugal force, coming up close to the edge where the spectators stand. In addition they perform all kinds of acrobatic tricks. This attraction has been at the Oktoberfest since 1932.

Among the the more modern rides is the Olympia Looping, the biggest mobile roller coaster of the world. It is also the only rollercoaster with 5 vertical loops. These are arranged in a pattern resembling the 5 rings of the Olympic games. G forces of up to 5.2g are exerted on the passengers as they ride the loops!

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Thanks to Peter Becker for his picture of horses pulling a covered wagon through Munich at Germany's Oktoberfest, which is used in this online jigsaw puzzle.

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