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Another of Springfrog's animal friends has got himself into a good old tizzy. Down on the farmyard ranch, the local black stallion has fallen head over hooves in love with a delicate-looking white filly from the neighboring field. Her mane, gently flowing along the back of her neck, and the elegant way she clip-clops along, swishing it every now and then, has left our black horse literally in all of a muddle. If he's ever going to win the heart of that little white horse, he needs your help to get himself properly back together again. Can you help him?

In the game of Slide Puzzle, the distinguished and majestic black horse has been leaning wistfully over the barn gate, hoping to get a glimpse of his intended true love. To help transform him back into a state of organisation, there's a blank square where any tile adjacent to the blank square can move to. Just click with your mouse on any tile that you want to move into the blank square, and that particular tile will slide over into the blank space, thus leaving a blank space where the moved tile originally was (don't worry too much about using your mouse by the way - our brave black stallion isn't afraid of tiny rodents)! Sliding further tiles around will move you towards your goal of getting the black horse back to his normal state, all ready to ask his intended true love out on a date to a little known place where the barn's finest green grass grows.

To move more than one adjacent piece along at a time, just click on the tile where you want to start "pushing" the pieces along. This can save on the number of moves you make in total. You can check the counter below the photo to count how many clicks you've made - interesting to compare with friends or with extra times you play (just click the scramble button to restart). Can you solve the picture puzzle and become the catalyst in this story of equine romance?

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