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Online Jigsaw Puzzles


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Jigsaw puzzles are a great combination of creativity and artistic challenge. They are fun for people of all ages, and enjoyed throughout the world. There's just that special something about piecing a picture together bit by bit and the final satisfaction of seeing it all turn into a beautifully completed picture.

Our online jigsaw puzzles are the closest thing to having a real jigsaw to solve. In many ways they're even better than a cardboard jigsaw. - pieces don't get bent or lost, and you don't need a large space to lay them out or space to keep all the boxes to keep the pieces in. Not to mention accidentally getting pieces from one jigsaw mixed in with pieces from another!

Unlike most other online jigsaws, all of the pieces in Springfrog's puzzles can be rotated. This adds to the fun by giving a completely realistic challenge to solve. Simply use your right mouse button to rotate a piece in a clockwise direction, or click on a piece and use your keyboard's right arrow key. To rotate anticlockwise, the left arrow key can be used.

You can select the puzzle's overall difficulty by choosing the number of pieces from the drop-down box in the header at the top of the puzzle. The header will also allow you to toggle between viewing only the border pieces if you want to quickly pick out edge bits, or seeing only inner middle pieces, or viewing all of the pieces. If you're getting a bit lost you can click the Preview button to show a ghosted image of the final picture that you're aiming for.

Click on any of the specially chosen pictures below, then once you're on the page for thay puzzle click on the "shuffle" button to start. Alternatively you can even create your own jigsaw puzzle using the "Create puzzle" button. This will allow you to select any picture from your computer, from which you can make your very own unique jigsaw.

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles





Space Jigsaw Puzzles

Apollo 15 Moon Landing

Space Shuttle Spacewalk

V838 Monocerotis Light Echo

International Space Station

Car Jigsaws

Electric Cars in Amsterdam

Zap Xebra Electric Car

Reva G-Wiz Electric Car

Mercedes-Benz Hydrogen Cars

Christmas Jigsaws Puzzles

Rockefella Christmas Tree

Three Wise Men Christmas Nativity Scene

LEGO Christmas Village

Christmas Lights in Switzerland

Panoramic Views

Panoramic View of a Rainbow at Niagara Falls

Panoramic Jigsaw of a Rainbow at Dettifoss Waterfall Canyon in Iceland

Panoramic Jigsaw of Sprague Lake in the Rocky Mountains

Panoramic View of Lower Falls Waterfall at Yellowstone Canyon

Scenic Jigsaw Puzzles

Rialto Bridge in Venice

Geyser and its Rainbow at Yellowstone National Park

Scenic Keukenhof Flower Gardens

Scenic Keukenhof Castle Jigsaw Puzzle

Funny Cat Jigsaw Puzzles

Funny Cat Drinking from Kitchen Tap

Funny Cat Sticking its Tongue out like Albert Einstein

Funny Jigsaw Puzzle of Cute Cat in Bathroom Sink

Funny Cute Cat with Bowl on his Head

Cute Funny Cat Jigsaw Puzzle of a Kitty in a Miniature Model Room

Funny Cat Hiding in a Box

Horse Jigsaw Puzzles

White Horses pulling a Wooden Beer Barrel Cart at Munich's Oktoberfest

Grey Horse

Mare and Foal

Horses and Wagon at Munich's Oktoberfest

Herd of Wild Horses Drinking at Assateague Island

Horse Jumping Jigsaw Puzzle

Oktoberfest Horse Jigsaw Puzzle

Two Horses Greeting Each Other

Horses and a One Day Old Foal Struggling to its Feet

Traditional Horses and Cart at Oktoberfest

Wild Assateague Island Horses Feeding on Grass

Horse and Rider Show Jumping over a Fence

Horses Pulling a Covered Wagon at Munich's Oktoberfest

Norwegian Fjord Horses

Foal and Mare Feeding

Traditional Horse Drawn Wagon at Munich's Oktoberfest Parade

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