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Funny Jigsaw Puzzle of Cute Cat in Bathroom Sink


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This cute cat has chosen a funny place to take a rest. He's taking a big chance with that tap hovering above his back. Maybe he just doesn't know that cats are supposed to dislike water.

Have fun solving this funny cat jigsaw puzzle and see if he is still there in the bathroom sink once you've pieced it together or if he has realised where he is and has skedaddled

In fact, not all cats are afraid of water. In warmer climates, big and small felines will often take a dip to cool off and have a refreshing bath. They'll often even swim to get from one side or a river to the other. However, in colder areas of the world, cats can quickly learn that damp fur can make them feel colder, particularly if they've been caught out in a cold shower of rain. Many kitties in colder climates can have a thicker coat of fur than their counterparts from warmer areas, and this thick coat can take longer to dry, leaving the animal chilly for longer. Furthermore, a sodden thick coat could weigh a cat down and make it sink in the water if swimming.

Much of your cat's feelings about water will come from experience. Some owners will use a pure water spray as a punishment to try to stop bad behaviour like climbing on curtains or taking food without permission. If you have used water as a punishment then your cat is likely to associate water as being something unpleasant, and you're likely to have a tough time giving your kitty a bath.

Cats are very independent animals, preferring to do things on their own terms rather than a human's. Some will be curious or find themselves drawn to water naturally. Many like to play with running taps, patting their paws through the flow of water, and some, even prefer to drink from a running tap rather than from a bowl, like the one shown in our funny online jigsaw puzzle of a cat drinking from a kitchen tap.

Many people report that introducing a cat to bathing at a relatively young age can help to get it used to regular baths. Be very wary of bathing a kitten however, as they are vulnerable to getting dangerously cold during bathing or afterwards due to the loss of insulation in their fur. If you make your cat's first bath a pleasant and even a fun experience, he or she will be less likely to balk at the idea of bathtime later in life. Stay calm, don't force your cat to do anything it really doesn't want to and maybe bring a toy animal like a floating mouse or a ping-pong ball for your cat to enjoy during bath time. The toy will help keep your cat happy and take its mind off the unusual feeling of being in water.

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