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Eight Queens

Chess Puzzle Game

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The Queen is the most powerful piece in the game of Chess, but just how many queens can you fit on a chessboard before they start attacking each other? The answer is eight, but positioning so many of these influential ladies on a single board is a tricky challenge. Put them in the wrong place relative to each other and they'll start to think that the board isn't big enough for them all, and that'll be it - all out war and tiaras at dawn!

As you may know, queens can move an unlimited number of squares in a straight line in any direction, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. In the chess puzzle game of Eight Queens your task is to find how to position these Royal ladies on the chess board so that they don't attack each other.

Click on one of the squares of the board to place a queen on that particular square. As soon as you have done this you'll see her standing regally in position, with her sphere of influence indicated by dots which occupy the squares around her. These dotted squares signify her territory - she may share this territory with other queens but she most certainly won't allow any other queen to stand on any of these dots, and indeed all the other queens will be afraid to do so. If you click on any of the dotted squares, the next queen who is standing in line waiting for a place on the board will fearfully simply refuse to go there. You need therefore to only place subsequent queens on squares which are not the territory of any other queen, in other words on the non-dotted squares. You'll see that the number of available squares quickly reduces as you continue to get more queens in position.

Can you solve the puzzle and fit all 8 queens happily on the chess board?

This game will work in Internet Explorer and Opera browsers.

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