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Counter Flip Puzzle Game

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Fiver is an addictive puzzle game in which you need to flip over all the counters so that your board changes from being completely full of white pieces, and, instead, becomes entirely inhabited by black pieces. Clicking on any counter will not only flip that piece from being white to black (or vice versa), but its 4 neighboring pieces immediately above, below, to the left and right of the piece that you clicked will also reverse their allegiance, becoming black if they were white, or white if they were black.

There are 6 different levels to choose from, starting with a 3x3 board and going all the way up to a truly challenging 8x8 board. Whether you are looking for a quick puzzle or a tricky test of your mind, one of these levels will be perfect for any time of day.

For each level there is a certain minimum number of moves in which it is possible to solve the puzzle. For example in the 3x3 puzzle, it is possible to reverse all of the counters to black in 5 moves. Interestingly, the 4x4 puzzle can be solved in only 4 moves, one fewer thatn the 3x3 board despite there being more pieces to reverse. The move counter will count how many moves you make. Once you reach the number of moves equal to the minimum in which the level that you are playing at could possibly be solved, the move counter will turn red. Then, after you have passed that minimum figure, the counter will turn grey.

The game is named after Fiver the rabbit from the classic book and movie, Watership Down.

How many levels can you solve...and can you find any of the minimum-move solutions?

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