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Help a little blue dot out out of a labyrinth of twists and turns with this fun online Maze Puzzle game. This isn't just an ordinary maze though. It's pretty huge - large enough to keep your mind busy for at least a good tea break or probably even longer. It's quite challenging and absorbing, so if you play it during lunchtime at work, don't forget to eat and if you can't solve it by the end of lunch, remember to get at least a little bit of work done in the afternoon.

Not only is it huge and quite a challenge, but it's also a 'perfect' maze. This means that the maze is fully solvable, and well-connected such that any point within it is reachable from any other point. The maze also contains no loops, therefore the solvable path between any two points is unique.

At the beginning, you'll see your little blue dot at the top left of the game board. To start to play the game, firstly just click your mouse anywhere within the java game applet below. Your keyboard's arrow keys can then be used to navigate you through the maze. As you travel, you'll see a trail of tiny dots being left behind you. If at any point you wish to backtrack, you can folow your trail backwards. Alternatively, if you wish to return all the way to the start, you can do this by pressing your Home key on your keyboard. To go straight to the end position, you can press your End key. This takes you finishing point of the game but does not show the solving path (so if you prefer, you can start from the end and try to reach the beginning, or the starting trail of dots that you may have already left).

Once you've completed the game, or if you wish to resign and try a different maze, you can click your browser's reload or refresh button. This will have the effect of creating a brand new and different maze puzzle, and each time you return to this page you'll be presented with a new pattern to challenge your mind.

All the very best of luck.  

Sorry, java is required for this Maze game - your Web browser is not java-enabled or you have Java turned off in your settings.

Bookmark Maze Puzzle Online Game and come back any time to enjoy the fun.