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Wordhunt is a fun word search game similar to the popular word search puzzles found in puzzle books and magazines, but with some extra special differences. In wordhunt, each time you play the words are in different parts of the board!  Plus, you're playing against time, so if you don't find the words fast enough, the computer wins.

The game board looks like it's just a jumble of letters, but actually within this apparent jumble of chaos, you'll find the names of a whole load of Springfrog's animal friends.  The words which are hidden somewhere in the letter board are also shown in the right side panel - as you find each animal, click your mouse on one end of the word and drag it to the other end of the word.  This will have the effect of striking through the word you found on the board, and at the same time the word will disappear from the right side panel.

You win the game by finding all the animals within the time limit of 20 minutes.  If you can't find all the animals in that time, the computer wins for putting the animals in good hiding places!

Happy searching and good luck.  

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Bookmark Wordhunt and come back any time to enjoy this great game again.