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ASCII Art Generator to convert pictures to text images

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Have you ever seen a cool picture on the internet created purely of text and wondered how you could do this yourself? Springfrog's online ASCII art generator will enable you to create your very own text based pictures from your own photos, drawings or other images. It's really easy to use and the results can be amazing. You can see some examples of the type of extraordinary creations that you can make at Springfrog's ASCII Art Gallery.

Resolution:        Color:

Currently the converter may not work in Internet Explorer, but functions perfectly in Firefox or Opera browsers.

To use the ASCII art generator, click the "Browse" button which will allow you to select a picture from your hard drive to upload. Alternatively you can use any image from the internet by copying the image's address and pasting it into the File name box after you've clicked the Browse button. Please only use your own photos, or pictures that you have permission to use.

You can choose between different output resolutions by using the select box for low, medium or high resolution. It pays to experiment a little with this resolution setting. High resolution is intended to give more detail, but you may often find that medium resolution will give a better result. Low resolution will give you a less detailled result but will use fewer characters which may be advantageous if you want to copy and paste your ASCII image to somewhere online where the number of characters is limited.

The default output will give you a awesome black and white ASCII version of your original photo. This is the purest form of ASCII art. It is often the best method to use if you intend to copy and paste the ASCII picture elsewhere, as copying and pasting text from a webpage to somewhere else may not retain different colors. However, some programs like OpenOffice Writer will enable you to retain different colors when pasting text from a web page into OOWriter or whatever program you are using. To enable the colored ASCII art creator there is therefore a color tick box that you can choose.

When copying and pasting your ASCII art elsewhere, remember to always use a fixed width font, for example Courier New which is the font that used for the output here. Other fixed width fonts include Consolas, Lucinda Console and DejaVu Sans Mono. Using anything other than a fixed width font will cause the letters to snuggle up together and produce a wonky picture.

Have fun!

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