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Creating pictures from text was one of the earliest ways that images were displayed on old-style computers.  Back in the 1970's I was amazed when, at a visit to an open day at a Texas Instruments factory in my home city, a printout picture of my face using only text characters was created by one of their computers there.  It's quite possible that this was what one of the things that got the young me entralled so much in the possibilities of these computermabobs.  Now in the 21st century with 3D technology and true-colour graphics, the simplicity of ASCII art is a refreshing reminder of the origins of computing. Even in these modern times, this type of art can be a great way to show your creativeness in places like forums and personal profile pages on sites that you are a member of.  

You can create your own text art from your existing photos or pictures using Springfrog's
ASCII art generator.  Our ASCII art gallery here shows a few examples of the amazing images you can produce.  The generator will allow you to copy and paste the actual
characters of text output wherever you like.  The images below are cut from screen captures, converted back to in gif format for convenience of display here on this page.       

ASCII world map
World Map in medium resolution from a diagram by Robert Proksa.

ASCII Airplane
To travel around the world, here's an airplane in Low Resolution.

Once you've reached your chosen country, journey around in an ASCII car in medium resolution from a color photo by Michal Zacharzewski.  This is a nice old style of motorcar, although I'm not certain exactly what type. 

ASCII art heart
Get romantic with an ASCII Heart in Low Resolution.

ASCII art rose
Show more love and affection with an ASCII art rose in medium resolution from a color photo by Nicolas Raymond

ASCII art key
A key with a little bit of string coming from the top of its ring. Could it be a key to a door or a key to someone's heart?  It has been generated in low resolution from a color photo by Ralph Aichinger.

ASCII Art champagn glasses
Champagne glasses clinking in low resolution from a color photo by Robert Proska.  Perfect for celebrations like a birthday or Christmas.

ASCI I art star
A Five Pointed Star in low resolution from a color photo by Webcomplex

ASCII art teapot
Anyone feel like a virtual cuppa?  This ASCII art teapot will keep you happily supplied with cups of virtual tea.  It's in low resolution from a color photo by Michal Zacharzewski.

ASCII art apple
How about an ASCII apple to go with your cup of tea?  This scrummy fruit was created in low resolution from a vector image by Robert Proksa.

An ASCII angel with her wings and right hand outstretched.  Created in medium resolution from a photo by Marina Garcia, she'll be your guardian to keep you safe.

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