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ASCII Art Girls - Pictures of Women and Ladies made of Text

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The beauty of a woman is even more wonderful when the lady is made entirely of ASCII characters!  All of these lovely girls were converted from original images to text based pictures using Springfrog's online ASCII art generator
ASCII art girl's head portrait
ASCII art girl's head portrait converted in low resolution from a vector image by Andy Panda.

ASCI lady in nightdress
Lady in a nightdress converted to ASCII art, from an original Poser 3D character designed by sofamonkez.

Gothic girl ASCII art image
A very beautiful gothic girl ASCII art image in low resolution from a color photo by Luz Alvarez.

ASCII art lady shopping
A lady out on a busy day's shopping.  She's carrying her bags full of goodies she has bought.  This ASCII art lady was created in low resolution from an original illustration by am1969.

A 60's lady in ASCII art
An elegant lady with flowing hair in 1960's style.  Created in low resolution ASCII art from a portrait drawing by vassiliki koutsothanasi.

ASCII art lady with handbag
ASCII art silhouette of lady carrying a handbag, in low resolution from a drawing by Michal Zacharzewski.

ASCII woman in high heels
Woman in high heels sitting on a reflective floor surface.  This text art image was created in low resolution with Springfrog's converter, from an original vector drawing by Ambrozjo.   

ASCII art girl stretching.
ASCII art girl stretching, in low resulution from a silhouette illustration by Michal Zacharzewski.

ASCII art cheerleader
"Give me an A, give me an S, give me a CII".  This ASCII art cheerleader spells out fun with keyoard letters and characters.  She is created in low resolution from an original drawing by Mandie LeScum.

ASCII art girl thinking
An ASCII art girl in deep thought. What's the meaning of life?  What should I have for dinner?  Or maybe she's thinking why am I made of all these strange keyboard characters?  She has been created in low resolution from an original silhouette by Michal Zacharzewski.

ASCII Woman's face with big hair
ASCII woman's face with big hair, reminiscent of styles from the sixties, seventies or eighties.  Converted in medium resolution text art from original artowk by Billy Alexander.

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