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From Bugs Bunny to Watership Down, rabbits have fascinated and enthralled humankind throughout the ages.  In Korean and Japanese mythology, the rabbit lives on the moon where he pounds rice cakes in a pestle.  This stems from the fact that if you look at the moon you can see what appears to be a rabbit on its side, with its ears pointing off to the right.  Although here on Earth there are no records that I know about of bunnies making rice cakes, they do in fact have good memories and can be trained to come when called, and to perform little tricks like standing up on their hind legs, and jumping around. They can also learn to to use a litter box.  Their poo is actually quite useful too and can be used as a valuable garden fertilizer!   

To celebrate our furry friends, Springfrog has created this gallery of text art rabbits, created purely from letters, punctuation marks and other keyboard characters. You can create amazing text art yourself too from your own pics of bunnies, or any of your photos or drawings, using our free online text art generator.

ASCII Art Rabbit
An ASCII art rabbit in medium resolution from a color photo by Kostas Jariomenko.

ASCII Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny in an Egg converted to low resolution text art from a color photograph by Henk L.

Bunny rabbit in text art.
A young cottontail bunny rabbit, generated in medium resolution ASCII art from an original color photo by Matt Reinbold.  

Text art carrot
All rabbits love a nice carrot.  All that vitamin A which these vegetables contain help keep those bright eyes healthy.  Give your bunny a tasty treat with one of his favourite pieces of food, created in low resolution text art from an illustration by urbanbaby.  His ears will be sure to prick up with joy!

Get Easter Bunny Gifts incuding baskets and other ideas at Piglette where you can also learn interesting facts about the tradition and mythology of the Easter bunny .

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