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Enjoy a touch of nature in the way that old-syle computers may have drawn it, with our lovely ASCII art animals.

Donkey made from text art.
A donkey browsing for some tasty grass.  The original color photo by Gonçalo Trincão Cunha  was converted using medium resolution in Springfrog's ASCII art generator.  The text was then copied and pasted into Wordpad.  After turning off Wordpad's annoying "add 10pt space after paragraphs" feature, the text was resized to size 4, in Andale Mono IPA font.  A screen capture was then done to copy and paste into GIMP to create the .gif image displayed on this page.  

ASCII art butterfly
A butterfly in low resolution from a color photo by Michal Zacharzewski.
You can get some interesting facts about these beautiful creatures and view a stunningly colorful computer generated Butterfly at Piglette's Fractal Art Gallery.
ASCII art cow
ASCII art can be very moo-ving!  Here's a cow to prove it.  Isn't she lovely?  She was created in low resolution from an original photo by Michal Zacharzewski.

ASCII art frog
A frog perched on a stick.  Made in medium resolution with our ASCII art generator from a color drawing.

ASCII art zebra
Zebra in Mediun resolution from a color photo (or maybe a black and white one...who can tell!) by scrapcatz.

Another black and white animal in more than one way - an ASCII panda. Did you know that there are only about 1,600 pandas left in the wild according to a survey in 2004?  This cute but sadly endangered creature was beautifully photographed by mozzercork. The photo was then converted to medium resolution ASCII art. Then a similar method of copying and pasting the text to that used for the donkey was used, but using Notepad instead of Wordpad, and a Courier New font.  Finally the text was adjusted to size 4 and an "Alt Print-Screen" dump was done and cropped in GIMP for ease of displaying here.

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