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Wind Chill Factor Calculator

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This Wind Chill calculator is an updated verion of a javascript provided by The JavaScript Source

Often when it's cold outside and the wind is blowing, it's difficut to know how cold it will really feel just by finding out what the basic temperature is.   Some days feel colder than others when there is a wind blowing, even if the temperatures are the same, and taking the wind into account, you could feel much colder than the temperature itself.  This effect is known as the wind chill factor, a measure of the cooling effect of wind.  The rate at which a body loses heat increases due to the wind, so the air on a windy day feels cooler than the temperature indicated by a thermometer.  This heat loss can be calculated for various combinations of windspeed and air temperature and then converted to a windchill equivalent temperature (or wind chill factor).  Our handy little calculator below will instantly calculate the wind chill factor for you if you input the temperature and windspeed. Calculations are done using the new windchill formula which came into effect on 1st November 2001.

To calculate the wind chill factor, enter the wind speed and air temperature in the top two boxes, then click the "Calculate Wind Chill!" button...

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