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Have you ever found yourself looking at a temperature quoted in fahrenheit and thinking "I'm a celsius person - what does that convert to?".  Or maybe you think in fahrenheit and see the weather forecast for your intended holiday destination quoted in celsius and find yourself wondering if that temperature means you have to pack your thick winter coat or your t-shirt and beachwear.  Our quick online temperature converter will take the stress out of your conversion questions.

To convert from fahrenheit to celsius, enter a number in the top box, then click the "Convert Temperatures!" button.  Or to convert a temperature from celsius to fahrenheit, enter a number in the bottom box, then click the "Convert Temperatures!" button ...


Interesting Temperature Facts

The lower the pressure the lower temperature is at which water boils.  For this reason water boils at lower temperatures as height above sea level increases.  For example at sea level in London, England, water will boil at 100 degrees celsius (212 F). However at the dead sea, which is 1,296 ft below sea level, water will boil at 213.8 degrees Fahrenheit (101 C).  At the top of Mount Everest, 29,002 feet in altitude, the effect is considerable, and water will boil at just 159.8 F or 71 C.

Silver melts at 962 C and boils at 2,210 C.
Gold melts at 1,064 C and boils at 2,900 C

Normal room temperature is approximately 72 F or about 22 C.

The average human body temperature is around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  95 percent of the population have a body temperature within the range of 97.5 F to 98.9 F.  Different warm-blooded animal species have differening average body temperatures, but all fall within a relatively narrow range.  For example Blue Whales have an average of 95.9 degrees Fahrenheit, Owls are 104.4 degrees Fahrenheit, and even polar bears have an average body temperature of 99.1 degrees Fahrenheit."

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