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Convert Binary to Decimal and back plus Hexadecimal, Octal and Base 36

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In these days of computers and technology, using their binary ones and zeros right at the very centre of their little hearts and brains, every now and then you'll probably find yourself needing to convert between the various base number systems that different programs or computers systems use. A short while ago for example, I wanted to draw a nice Royal Blue route line on a map to show the planned route of Prince William and Catherine Middleton for their wedding day. I was able to find a website which told me the red, green and blue values in decimal numbers to make Royal Blue but gimp, the program which I was using to draw the route on the map, wanted me to input hexadecimal numbers to create a user-defined colour. This is where a decimal to hex converter comes into its prime.

Using Springfrog's Hex, Decimal, Binary, Octal and Base 36 converter you can quickly and easily convert between these different number base systems. To convert from decimal to binary, octal, hex or base 36, just enter the decimal number in the top box and click on one of the buttons in the first column to the right of the input boxes, for example the Decimal to Binary button. To go in the opposite direction, enter a to binary, octal, hexadecimal or base 36 number in the appropriate box for the particular base you want to convert, then click on the button in the second column in the same row as that input box. The decimal equivalent of that number will then be displayed in the row marked Decimal (output). It's always a good idea to hit the reset button between converting diferent numbers by the way, to avoid confusion.

For example to convert the hexadecimal number FABBED to binary, enter FABBED in the Hexadecimal input box, then click on the Hex to Decimal button. As quick as a flash, the decimal equivalent, being 16432109, will show in the Decimal (output) row.

Taking all of this into consideration you can probably work out that using a combination of 2 conversions you can convert between any non-decimal number and its equivalent in any othe other non-decimal bases. All you need to do is convert the number from the first non-decimal base to its decimal equivalent first, then convert the decimal to the second non-decimal base. It's probably best to give another example here, so lets say we wanted to convert the Octal number 21766624320464 to Base 36. The first conversion needs to get the number to decimal, so tap in the number 21766624320464 in the Octal (Base 8) box, and click the Octal to Decimal button. This results in the eqivalent decimal number 1235714416948 being displayed on the Decimal (output) line. Then copy that number 1235714416948 to the Decimal (input) box and click on the Decimal to Base 36 button. Hey presto, the Base 36 number FROGGIES is displayed. There you have it, the Octal number 21766624320464 converted to Base 36 is FROGGIES!

As welll as its practical uses, because of the fact that Base 36 uses the numbers 0 to 9 as well as all the letters in the alphabet, you can have fun with making codes with it. Is there someone who you would like to express your feelings for, but maybe you're afraid to let them know outright? Why not give them a message with the decimal number 1457771337246. Or you could even give them the Hexadecimal version, 15369F1561E (a bit shorter to remember or note down). What do they mean? Why not try converting and find the secret meaning.

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