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Shoe Size Conversion Charts and Fascinating Facts about Shoes

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Sometimes if you're in another country, you may find that you need a new pair of shoes.  Maybe your existing ones suddenly wear out or a heel comes off, or you need a particular type of shoe which is specially designed for a new activity, like hiking, mountain climbing  or skiing.  Alternatively it could just be that a smart and nicely designed pair catches your eye in a shop window and you decide that you just have to get them!

Whatever the reason, getting a new pair of shoes can be an enjoyable experience and your feet will be forever grateful.  The only trouble if you're in a foreign country is that the sizes of the shoes may be based on a different scale to your home country

This is where our useful shoe size conversion charts are an essential resource.  The charts will enable you to quickly and easily see the equivalent to your home country's shoe size in various international countries. Because in many countries the scales differ between genders and ages, we have converters for 4 types of person. Just choose from below which conversion table relates you you:

Throughout the pages we also present some fascinating facts about the history of shoes as well  as a bit of popular culture surrounding footwear.

Information about Shoe sizes

Shoes can be measured in several ways. In French or European point sizing, the point is equivalent to two thirds of a centimeter. Korea similarly uses the metric system but, instead of centimetres, uses a very simple linear scale where the size is measured in millimetres.

In the USA and Canada, a scale is used which, unlike European sizes, is not proportional as the sizes increase.  Men's and Boys' sizes are larger than Women's and Girls'.

In the UK and Australia, similar types of scale are used as America but with different points on the scale being equivalent to different actual measured sizes.  Like America, men's sizes are eqivalent to larger measured sizes than women's.

To measure the actual size of your foot in millimetres or centimetres,start at the back of the heel and measure up to the tip of the big toe or second toe, whichever is the longest.  Bear in mind that the size of shoe depends greatly on the maker or brand. There is not therefore an absolute standard with regard to conversion of sizes between different countries.  For example, size 42 in Europe corresponds to a size 9 in the USA for American sized Puma shoes, but the same European size for Nike brand shoes will be equivalent to 8.55 in the USA.

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Shoe Size Conversion Charts and Fascinating Facts about Shoes
Men's Shoe Size Conversion Chart and The History of Shoes from Prehistoric Times to Ancient Rome
Women's Shoe Size Conversion Chart and The History of Shoes from the Middle Ages to the Industrial Age of the 19th Century
Boys' Shoe Size Converter and The History of Shoes in the Modern Age
Girls' Shoe Size Converter plus Shoes in Fairy Tales, Legends and Mythology

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