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Upside Down Text Converter to Flip your Writing Upsidedown & Backwards

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Thanks to David Faden for the use of this updside down text converter, which is licenced under CC BY-SA 3.0

Amuse and amaze your friends, both old and new, with this fun upside down text converter. This handy little generator will flip your words, sentences or even whole paragraphs of writing upsidedown.

To convert to upside down text, just start typing a word or sentence in the top text box. As you key in the letters you'll start to see the flipped version of your writing begin to appear in the bottom box. Alternatively you can copy and paste a sentence or paragraph into the top box and then click the Convert button to convert the text into its upside down and backwards translation.

Original text:

Upside Down Text:

Once you've converted your text, you can copy and paste it into a forum post, Twitter tweet, email, instant message or virtually anywhere (as long as the site where you're posting, or the recipient's software can handle unicode characters correctly) . Sending an upside down reverse message is the ideal way to get someone's attention. Maybe there's a particular special person who'se eye you'd like to catch, or possibly you just want to add a bit of pizzazz to a message. Use our text flipper and you're almost guaranteed a positive and surprised reaction!

If you're the one who has actually received an upside down message and are having difficulty reading it, you can also use our converter to reverse the process and convert it to the right way up and in the correct order. Just put the upside down text into the top box. Then clicking the Convert button will turn everything up the right way and in the correct order.

So how does the upsidedown generator work? After all, the letter b can be used to denote a reversed letter p, the same applies to u and n, and some letters like o and x look the same upside down as in normal orientation, but most letters certainly don't have an upsidedown equivalent in the alphabet or in the classic ASCII character set. The secret is that Unicode contains a number of different characters which are 180 degree rotations of standard latin letters. These reversed characters are often used by linguists to denote different phonetic sounds. For example the ə is known in phonetics as the schwa, and represents the "uh" sound.

I hope you have fun with the converter - and don't forget to tell your friends or link to this page from your own site. :-)

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