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Play 2D and 3D Chess Online Against the Computer


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Enjoy a fun game of 2D or 3D chess against the computer here at Springfrog. In this great online version of the classic board game you can choose between the standard 2D view or use the buttons to the top left of the game to select a 3D view of the board and chesspieces, or even both 2D and 3D chess views side by side.

You can play as either white or black, and the computer's skill level can be increased or decreased by altering the number in the Computer meditation level box. The higher the meditation level, the bigger the challenge it will be for you to beat the computer.

If you have the 3D chessboard in view, you can rotate it to any viewing angle by clicking and holding on the board and then dragging it around, up and down. With the 3D board you can also use your keyboard's "+" and "-" keys to zoom in and out.

To move, simply click on one of your chesspieces, then click on the square to which you wish to move. En passant and castling moves are supported. To castle, click on your King, then on the square that he King should move to, in other words two spaces to the left or right. The King will then move to that square and your rook will jump into the square that the King skipped over. In accordance with standard Chess rules, castling can only be done if the King and Rook have not been moved since the start of the game, and all squares between the King and Rook are unoccupied, and the King is not threatened in its starting position, the square that the King skips over or its ending position once Castled.

As an alternative to clicking with your mouse, if you are using the 3D chess board you can use your keyboard's number pad to move. Use the arrows on the numberpad to reach the piece you wish to move, then use the central 5 key to select the piece. Then use the arrows on the numberpad again to get to the square that you want to move the selected piece to, and finally the central 5 key again to activate the move.

If checkmate is reached a message will appear at the top right of your screen to advise you of this. It will stay there for a few seconds. If you miss the checkmate message, and you're not sure whether the game is in a checkmate position or not, you can just go back to the previous move them forward that same move again by clicking on the previous arrow button then the next arrow button . If one of the Kings is checkmated the checkmate message will appear for a few seconds again at the top right of the screen.

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Portable Game Notation (PGN) reader

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Select a PGN file from your PC: Load
or paste your PGN file's body here: Load

The and buttons will skip back to the very beginning in the game whereas the and buttons will skip forward to the most recent move.

If you have skipped back to the start of the game and wish the game to be automatically replayed step by step you can press the button. The game will then be automatically replayed with each move being a separate frame, like in a movie. You can control the speed in milliseconds (ms) between each frame being shown by altering the figure in the Motion frame rate box. One second is equal to 1000 ms, so if you want 2 seconds between each frame, enter 2000 in this box for example.

You can also use the at any point to play back the game in reverse.

The button enables you to take the game back by one single move. If you want to go further back, simply press this button multiple times to go back one move each time you press it. If you've gone back any number of moves you can use the button to go forward again. These buttons are often particularly useful when you want to see exactly how the computer last moved and whether any of your chess pieces were taken.

If you press the button the computer will show you what it thinks is the best next move. All of these buttons work in both 3D and 2D mode. You can resize the chessboard by click-holding and dragging the arrow at the bottom right corner of the board.

At the bottom right of your screen you'll see a box showing all moves made so far, in PGN format. PGN stands for Portable Game Notation and is a way of indicating moves made in a chess game in plain text format. If you wish, instead of using your mouse or keyboard to move your chess pieces, you can enter individual moves where indicated on the PGN display box. You can also save your game in PGN format so that you can replay or study it at any time in the future.

You can also import any previous chess games which are in PGN format. To do this from a PGN file on your PC, just click the Choose file button, then navigate to the folder on your computer where the PGN file is saved, select the file then click on Load. Alternatively you can paste the text of a PGN formatted game into the textarea box.

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